Paper Jewelry: Mayumi Origami Accessories

I love the way a quick browse on Pinterest can open up a whole new world in an instant... that was the case recently when I was led to Mayumi Origami Accessories. Renata Mayumi folds small squares and rectangles of decorative paper to make modern jewelry.


Lovely Renata Mayumi is of Japanese descent, born in São Paulo and currently lives in Lisbon, Portugal. She has been a direction assistant in the television and film industry for the past nine years and began selling unique paper creations via craft shows in 2012.


Please tell us about the launch of your origami business.

Mayumi Origami started as a delightful hobby! After watching many tutorials and practicing hundreds of diagrams, as a self-taught Origami Artist I’d finally taken the initiative to create my own pieces.


In the beginning, what really caught my attention was the challenge to adapt origami structures to jewelry and home decor accessories in an unseen and original way. But later on, trying to find the perfect paper was also a very exciting task. To combine fashion trends with the exact textured and patterned paper has definitely been a challenging mission, but I love it!


To make her sophisticated jewelry, Renata Mayumi uses colorful papers from Italy, Portugal, Japan, India, and Korea. She coats each piece with a lacquer finish that repels water. 


Renata Mayumi also creates contemporary home decor and wedding accessories, such as battery-operated lotus candle holders and this beautiful bridal bouquet. The white kusadama flowers are striking accents against patterned papers.


What do you especially enjoy about working with paper?

The greatest things about working with paper are definitely the flexibility, the delicacy, and the unique touch of it. Handmade papers from India and Nepal with an Oriental gold touch and organic patterns are no doubt my favourites. They are just perfect for my projects!


What are your future plans for Mayumi Origami Accessories?

I'm currently working on a website and will be opening an Etsy shop. My main goal is to never give up on looking for new shapes and foldings, as there’s nothing more pleasant than having a smiling customer thanking me for having the patience to fold and fold and fold and fold… 


Mayumi Origami is on Instagram and Facebook or reach Renata via email:

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