Handmade Greeting Cards with Flair

I went in search of unusual handmade greetings cards on Etsy and found three shops that feature special ones you won't find anywhere else. First up, Art Papier showcases the clever work of French artist Daniel Mar.

paper cut greeting card with frog and spider web with spider

He cuts and sculpts white paper "to build a fragile world", then photographs the scene and transforms it into cards and posters. Some examples are whimsical and lively, while others are serene. 


A feature I especially like is that the cards come with an easel and cardboard support so they can be displayed as small works of art.


Visit Daniel's website [edit: no longer available] to view a video of his process. He is also on Facebook.

Starfly Creations features stylish cut paper cards designed by Starla Apodaca of Texas.


She holds a BFA in graphic design and says about her work, "knowledge and love of design combined with digital and presentation experience has enabled me to develop a style of using both positive and negative space to create unique cut paper designs."


Each card is modern and fresh with the bonus of personalization.


Pop Up Card Making [edit: site no longer available] of Seattle invites you to try your hand at the Japanese cutting and folding technique of kirigami. 


Step-by-step photo instructions are available in PDF format as an instant download so you can start creating immediately. Print out the pattern on sturdy paper, fold, cut, and assemble. 


I know a couple of little guys who would enjoy receiving a bobble-head dinosaur or pop-up black widow spider and I'm certain these koalas would bring about a smile as well.


Ann Martin
Ann Martin

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  1. Some great choices! Daniel Mar's work is incredible.

  2. Thank you for the original designs. I enjoyed discovering your blog and learning about the three artists. I have an online stationery boutique named Playa Paper. Playa means beach in Spanish. Many of my inspirations for my handcrafted cards come from my local beaches in Southern California. If you want to follow me, please visit me here: https://www.facebook.com/playapaper - xxPlayaPaper


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