DIY Paper Pendant Light Kit

Here we go... the final giveaway of the holiday season and then it's back to regularly scheduled programming - artist interviews, tutorials, and the like. This time it is a chance to receive the brand new DIY Manhasset Light Kit from Zipper 8 Lighting [edit: now Aster + Quail] that gives you the opportunity to "illuminate your creativity" - what a great tagline!

Manhasset Pendant Light Kit - Zipper 8 Lighting

The Manhasset series has been very popular ever since Allison Patrick designed the first artichoke-style pendant light for the Zipper 8 Lighting Etsy shop [Aster + Quail on Etsy] a few years ago.

Manhasset Sheet Music Pendant Light - Zipper 8 Lighting

You might recall the ornament-sized version she shared here - so cute it practically went viral in the DIY world. You'll find a floral lantern in the shop, as well as lights made with crossword puzzles, maps, and children's books.

Artichoke Christmas Ornament DIY

With the Manahasset kit you'll be able to bring your own creative touch to a 12 inch (30.5 cm) diameter paper lantern. The best part of course, and the beauty of kits in general, is that you'll have the necessary lighting components and an instruction sheet at your fingertips.

Manhasset Pendant Light Kit - Zipper 8 Lighting

Decorate the included white circles with small drawings, a light watercolor wash, or stamped images to make a unique accent piece for your home. What a great project for teens and college kids to enjoy during holiday break! I'm thinking randomly stamped gold dots would be pretty. The kit could even be a fun alternative wedding guest book project, if you had each guest write a note or decorate a circle.

Adult supervision and assistance is required for younger children due to the use of a hot glue gun. Note that the included 11-foot white light bulb cord is wired for North American outlets.

Manhasset Pendant Light Kit - Zipper 8 Lighting

I can't go without sharing two more of my favorite Zipper 8 lights that Allison and her business partner Elizabeth will customize for special events. These beauties are inspired by hydrangea and peony blossoms. Crafted from hand-dyed paper petals, they glow from within thanks to a battery powered LED light.
Hydrangea Ball Centerpiece - Zipper 8 Lighting

Carrera Peony Light - Zipper 8 Lighting

Now about the Manhasset Light Kit giveaway... because it is so close to Christmas, it will be a quick one for U.S. residents only (our apologies, international friends). Just leave a comment on this post as your entry through Wednesday, December 17.

Zipper 8 Lighting will send the kit immediately so that the winner will (with any luck) have it in time to put under the tree. Please include a direct way to be notified within your comment as Blogger doesn't allow me to see the top portion of the form.

The winner will be selected at random and announced on this post as soon as she/he has been contacted. Good luck!

Congratulations to Annie, winner of the kit! 

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