Saturday, April 11, 2015

The Accidental Artist Online Event

The Accidental Artist Online Event

Just a quick post today to invite you to an upcoming interview series titled The Accidental Artist. Heidi Easley, fellow artist and owner of Texas Art & Soul, invited me to participate in this fun and completely free online event. I'm extending an invitation to you to listen in and be inspired by a roster of more than two dozen artists who will discuss their individual paths to leading a creative life. 

I know I'm looking forward to the interviews that will air later this month and I think you will enjoy them as well. Here's to broadening our horizons and cultivating our talents!

Sign up at this link: The Accidental Artist Online. It only takes a moment to register.

4/26/15 Edited to say my interview with Heidi is live right here (provided you have signed up for the series, as you'll be asked to enter a password).


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