Tara Galuska - Paper Artist and Illustrator

One look at the pretty photos Tara Galuska shares on Instagram {edit: no longer available] and I knew I'd found a kindred paper spirit. Based in Burnaby, BC, Canada, Tara says she feels "most fulfilled when I am creating poetry with paper..."

Moth In The Garden by Tara Galuska

"... whether that is by bringing to life each feather and wing in my paper birds, making my paper blossoms bloom or by creating a teeny tiny artwork that feels like a friend. I love paper. The smell, the texture, the way it feels when you cut it, bend it and fold it. My creative tool box is filled with paper and my imagination."

Swan Planter by Tara Galuska

Curious to learn more about what makes Tara tick, I sent over a few questions. I hope you'll enjoy meeting her and seeing more of her feminine work.

Floral Heartbeat by Tara Galuska - Detail

When did you begin this type of cut paper art and have you always been drawn to creating pretty flowers and tiny art pieces?

All of this probably started when I was a little girl looking for beauty wherever I could find it! Now that I think of it, the things I was drawn to then are the same things I am drawn to now, like flowers, delicate little objects, embroidery and jewellery.

Mr Bunny Chap - Tiny Artwork by Tara Galuska

"The first paper piece I made was when I was an illustration student, but finding my particular style has taken some time of trying this and trying that. Only looking back now can I see the threads that tied everything together. Last year I really started diving into paper art again seriously and when I made this self portrait it was really an “Aha!” moment. When I saw it I knew that this was the direction that I must follow."

Tara Galuska Self Portrait

Did your talent become apparent naturally at an early age?

I do remember wanting to be either an artist or a unicorn when I was five, but I am not sure that I stood out as being especially talented. My dad remembers that I was “always scribbling away and doing things” but I was very private about my creations. It only became apparent to me and other people that I had something kind of special going on when I was in my early twenties and I started sharing my work and started to pursue studies in the creative field.

Nocturnal Sky Dream by Tara Galuska

What was your focus in art school? 

I studied Illustration and Design at the Design Centre Enmore in Sydney, Australia. It was a very competitive environment and I honestly didn’t get much sleep during those years but it was an excellent place for me to learn and grow. The things I learned there weren’t just drawing or traditional illustration. I did everything from making a giant Frankenstein puppet, a huge flower costume, dioramas, and even interior design models. During all this exploration the seeds were planted for the type of work I do now, I just didn’t see it yet.

Tara Galuska - Vancouver Paper Artist

I'm curious to know what brought you to this side of the world from Australia. 

I moved all the way to Canada because of love! My husband is Canadian and after living together in Australia for a few years he suggested moving to Canada and without much thought I said “Sure. Why not?” We moved here within a very short time frame and were both thinking “What on earth did we just do?!” Luckily it has all worked out and I feel very grateful that life has taken me from Zimbabwe to Zambia to Australia and now to this wonderful part of the world!

Paper Flowers - Artist Portrait of Tara Galuska

Is creating art your full-time job?

Creating art is my full-time obsession and passion, but not my full-time job. I currently do social media work to help pay the bills. I love being able to share stories and build connection through this work and it’s a great fit because I work with creatives and arts organizations.

Mini Cactus by Tara Galuska

Do you have any current or upcoming gallery shows and/or future plans for your art?

Opening my online store recently felt like a massive achievement! I am currently making, making, making and if you’d like to follow along with my work you can find me on Instagram @taragaluska.

Framed Paper Flowers by Tara Galuska

Credit for all images: Julie Nicole Photos

Edited to add: Tara kindly interviewed me as part of her Hello Wonderful! blog series. If you would like to learn a little more about me, you'll find the post here.

January 2020: All links are now inactive so have been removed from the post.

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