Custom Quilled Ketubah - Monogram

It's truly been All Things Wedding around this blog and my house this summer as our oldest son was married over the weekend. It was so much fun, but more about that another time... today I have another recently married couple's ketubah to show you.

Quilled ketubah with monogram and paper scrolls

They chose a monogram design I had done previously, but because the bride was carrying calla lilies, she asked me to include them. I placed a metallic gold lily at each corner and also expanded the width of the entire design across the top of the document as it had quite a bit more open space than the earlier certificate.

Ketubah by Ann Martin of All Things Paper

The wedding colors were gold and ivory, but because the ketubah will hang in a gray room, the bride asked that silver and gray be incorporated too. I must admit I wasn't too sure about mixing gold and silver along with dark and light gray, but I had no sooner begun when I realized I loved the look.... which just proves the importance of keeping an open mind. My favorite descriptive of this color palette would have to be handsome.

Quilled Ketubah by Ann Martin of All Things Paper

It's difficult to see the metallic edge papers in the photos, but trust me, they look very pretty in person as does the pearlized gold paper used for the arrows and a few other elements.

Script Lettering

To shape the initials, I referred to the lettering style of their names on the back of the envelope that arrived with their deposit, so that worked out well!

Quilled Ketubah by Ann Martin of All Things Paper

The bottom motif is a nod to the more complex design at the top and helps to balance the entire layout.

Quilled Ketubah by Ann Martin of All Things Paper

Once again I collaborated with Riva Brown of Living Letters Studio who did her usual impeccable calligraphy. Riva also handles the mounting and shipping of our documents.

Ann Martin
Ann Martin

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