Paper Illustration and Paper Sculpture by Hannah Miles

Hannah Miles of Etsy shop Utensils0 [edit: now called Hannah Miles Paperart] is a young Instagram friend whose paper art I enjoy seeing each time she posts something new. A recent graduate of Graphic Design BA(Hons) at Sir John Cass Faculty of Art, Architecture and Design, Hannah was fortunate to land a job in London that is developing her talents in both graphic design and paper engineering.

Cut Paper Heart by Hannah Miles

Even in her spare time Hannah can often be found making paper objects. This past winter she signed up for the 100 Day Project and uploaded a daily photo of each design.

The Great British Bake Off by Hannah Miles

Tell us about taking part in the 100 Day Project. Did you register officially and see it through to the end? 

I signed up in the sense that they ask you to repost their image and announce that you are taking part. It was really challenging to come up with a new idea every day and to fit in the making and photographing. I was waking up early to work on a new project while I ate breakfast and would finish things off while watching tv at night.

Hannah Miles of Utensils0

When the period ended did you come away with the sense that the 'forced' making affected your creativity and workmanship? 

Oh yes, I learned something new with each project about ways to recreate an object or scene. I also found that I could work a lot faster than I imagined and to trust my instincts to come up with a way to make something while I was making it rather than planning every detail before I started. Taking part also gave me the freedom to try out techniques I had never used which was a great push in developing my skills.

Cut Paper Cover of Nineteen eighty-four

When the hundred days finished, I found myself feeling guilty for not making something totally new every day! Now I am looking forward to going to the 100 Days London Meet Up to see the people behind the projects.

Hannah Miles - Self Portrait as a Child
self-portrait from a childhood photograph

Your job sounds like a dream job for a paper aficionado... can you tell us a bit about it?

I work as a creative officer at a tech start up that has chosen to use handcrafted and paper work as their social media and promotional style. It's an interesting movement I have noticed in such a high tech industry... to revert to the handmade and realistic.

Do It Papercut by Hannah Miles 
Do you have a favorite type of scalpel, paper and glue you'd like to recommend?

I use a Swann Morton No.3 handle with a 10a blade as I like how it handles. It has enough strength in it that I don't worry about it snapping or the blade coming off. I think the only problem, especially if you're new to paper cutting, is in taking care when replacing a blade. You need to be really careful not to accidentally hurt yourself.

Papercut Pancakes by Hannah Miles

I use UHU liquid glue. I've tried others, but I feel this type gives me the freedom to make slight adjustments before it dries solidly. My favourite papers are Colorplan as I love the texture and range of colours. Depending on what I'm making, I will use Canford card stock or the highly textured Papermania packs.

Papercut Leaves by Hannah Miles

Congratulations on the recent opening of the Hannah Miles Paperart Etsy shop [edit: formerly Utensils0]. I'm curious about the meaning of the name.

I have used it for years for my work as I love the word utensil. It's known mainly as kitchen equipment, but really it is defined as "any instrument, vessel, tool serving a useful purpose" which applies because I use such a variety of tools in my work - even my hands! The 0 sets apart the term in a search, not to mention it is a natural number that divided by itself is undefined... I like that idea for my work, as it is solely me creating what I love.

Audrey Hepburn Papercut by Hannah Miles

I'm admiring the classy float frames you use for your paper cuttings.

I've sourced some beautiful Nkuku Kiko glass frames with antique copper edges that are an option for those who want to immediately enhance their papercut purchases. A frame makes them gift-worthy and ready to display.

Cut Paper Cover of Nineteen eighty-four

You'll find Hannah Miles on Instagram.

Paper Sculpture Flamingo by Utensils0

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  1. A really interesting interview - love those stylized blueberries! The heart is amazing, too.

  2. Wow, I marvel at paperobjekts every time. The paper faces are beautiful. <3

  3. Her paper portraits are so full of life. Very inspiring!!!


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