Editorial Quilling and Paper Flowers by Sarah Yakawonis

Graphic designer, illustrator and paper quilling artist Sarah Yakawonis of Maine wrote to let me know about an exciting project she worked on recently. Sarah was asked to create quilled backdrops for a Meredith Corporation magazine titled Diabetic Desserts 2015, currently on newsstands.

Diabetic Desserts - 5-Star Favorites

The initial concept came from art directors who requested she design quilled shapes to pair with similarly shaped desserts. It was Sarah's idea to create background collages composed of baking papers.... white and colored cupcake liners, parchment paper and bakery box cardboard.

Diabetic Desserts - Love Triangles

Diabetic Desserts - Hip to Be Square

Diabetic Desserts - Diamonds and Ice 
"I cut hundreds of shapes from these materials and made four freestanding quilled pieces - shapes, letterforms and a spoon. Everything was sent to the company for composition and photography, and was used on the cover and throughout the pages of the magazine."

Diabetic Desserts Interior Page - Detail

"I loved the process as it allows the designer and art director to get exactly what is needed with fewer back and forth emails and edits. It was a really happy collaboration. I see much potential for work like this... perfect quilled letterforms nestled in grass for a garden magazine or atop luxury fabric for a fashion magazine. The possibilities are endless!"

Diabetic Desserts In the Round

Another new venture is Folded Petal, a blog that Sarah launched in January. An admirer of rare and endangered flowering plants, she has already shared quite a few tutorials for recreating in paper what she calls wild gems... little known North American flowers with names like Fringed Campion, Roan Mountain Bluet and Harper's Beauty.

Real and Paper Flowers

Not only does Sarah show how to make the blooms and provides printables and templates, but she shares ideas on arranging and displaying paper flowers.

DIY Paper Iris

A companion Etsy shop called Folded Petal (in addition to her shop Yakawonis Quilling that centers on pop culture quilled home decor) is where she sells flower-making supplies like hand painted tissue paper and kits.

Paper Iris Kit

Iris and tulip kits are available now, while peony, garden rose and lily of the valley are on the way.
 DIY Paper Flower - Lily of the Valley

Sarah Yakawonis is on Instagram.

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  1. I love the way it all came together. Beautiful work. I'm now following her etsys.


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