Monday, October 19, 2015

Scandinavian-Style Paper Sculpture Flowers - Hanna Nyman

There must be a million paper flower makers on Instagram - okay, I exaggerate... more likely hundreds. Lush bouquets of crepe paper flowers are beautiful, but it was the stark contrast of these dramatic, yet sweet cut paper arrangements by Hanna Nyman of Sweden that caught my eye.

Sculpted Paper Flower Flourish

The Scandinavian black/grey/white color palette, repetitive shapes, and whimsical animals make them fresh and appealing.

Paper Sculpture Wreath with French Dog

Recycled Paper Sculpture Rabbit

Hanna studied at Konstfack University College of Arts, Crafts and Design, and is a print designer and illustrator.

Illustration by Hanna Nyman

The dimensional wallpapers and paper lamps she created as graduation projects a handful of years ago swirled around the internet after being featured on Trend Hunter and Cool Hunting.

Dimensional Paper Lighting with Dimensional Wallpaper by Hanna Nyman
Hanna Nyman - Dimensional Wallpaper

I look forward to Hanna's new designs on Instagram where she is @backtopoetry. The arrangements she posts are "sort of art for me"... which I take to mean they are her way of experimenting and relaxing.

Paper Sculpture Flowers

 Paper Flower Wreath with Painted Bird by Hanna Nyman

Some of the elements are hand painted and others are upcycled from scraps of text.

Scandinavian Paper Flowers by Hanna Nyman

I'm not even sure if Hanna glues the pieces in place or simply arranges them, but their hand cut and casual nature adds to the charm. She doesn't sell these paper vignettes, but makes posters of some and creates large-scale commissions for companies.

Hanna Nyman - Large Scale Paper Sulpture

Two big pieces are currently on display in  Uppsala, a city in Sweden.

Large Scale Paper Sculpture by Hanna Nyman

Say hello to Hanna via her website or Instagram.

Hello Paper Flower Wreath by Hanna Nyman


  1. Absolutely delightful! Hanna's work is a pleasure to see.

    1. I'm glad you enjoyed the post, Lisa. I agree with you!

  2. Lush with evocative shapes, all made with clean, clean lines - love her style! Thank you for showing her work Ann!

    1. Sure thing... I'm glad you enjoyed seeing Hanna's designs, Cecelia.

  3. Very beautiful. Yes the casual arrangement does make Hanna's work unique.


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