DIY: Holiday Printable Ornament Cutout Cards

Today I'm delighted to host a guest project designed by Kristen Desrosier of LCI Paper Company. She has created a fantastic tutorial for customizable holiday cards that's bound to launch card making sessions far and wide. You might recall a previous tutorial that Kristen shared featuring a pretty custom-lined envelope. She also writes posts and designs projects for the excellent LCI Paper blog.

Take it away, Kristen!

three printable holiday cards with ornament cutout

Here's a fun way to make a personalized holiday card. It's rich with handcrafted goodness, yet comes together quite quickly... ideal for busy crafters who love festive impact! The printables are free for the taking and can be printed on any paper, so mixing, matching, creativity and sharing are encouraged.

printed holiday kraft paper card with ornament cutout


A2 (4 ¼ x 5 ½") blank folding cards
A2 (4 3/8 x 5 ¾") envelopes
8 ½ x 11" vellum or other light weight text paper
Ribbon or string
Paper trimmer
2-inch round hole punch
Microsoft Word (or your preferred word processing or page layout program)

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Step 1. Download Template Folder 

Begin by downloading the print template folder. It is a zip file with seven printable patterns and three customizable cards for you to choose from. Take your pick!

Step 2. Customize Card

designing customizable holiday card template on computer, screen view

Next, customize the front of your holiday card using the Microsoft Word or PDF template. If using Word, just click on the text box as shown here to edit. If you prefer a different word processing or page layout program, you will need to use the PDF template. To do so, just place it into a 4 ¼ x 5 ½ inch document, then insert a text box for type.

Step 3. Print Cards (A2 Folder) and Pattern Paper (8 ½ x 11")

decorative holiday papers with three printed greeting cards 
Print your customized design on an A2 folding card and the pattern on 8 ½ x 11" vellum or text weight paper.

Step 4. Punch 2-Inch Round Hole for Ornament Window

punching a circle in printed kraft paper holiday card

Use a 2-inch round punch to create a circle in the blank space below the printed string (¼ inch from the right and bottom of the card, if you are a perfectionist).

Step 5. Cut Pattern Paper to 5 ¼ x 8 ¼"

cutting red and white diagonal striped paper in paper cutter

Though the printable patterns are made to fully cover an 8 ½ x 11" sheet, you may notice a 1/8 inch border around the patterns you printed. This is because most printers are not capable of printing to the edge, but that’s okay! To remedy this, cut the blank borders off, then cut the sheets in half to yield two 5 ¼ x 8 ¼" pieces.

Step 6.  Fold Pattern Paper in Half, Place Loosely in Card

creating holiday card by folding decorative striped liner paper in half

Fold pattern paper in half along the short edge, and place it loosely inside the card.

Step 7. Grab Some String & Cut

scissors cutting red twine placed next to printed holiday card and decorative papers

Grab your favorite string, twine or ribbon and cut it to desired length.

Step 8. Tie Pattern Paper into Card with String

hands tying red twine around spine of printed holiday card

Tie the string into a bow or loose knot to hold the card and pattern layers together. If you’re feeling really crafty, you could also punch holes through the two layers and tie the string through.

Step 9. Personalize the Inside (if you wish)

holiday card with note written inside displayed with pen and decorative papers

If you’d like, write a personal message on the inside.
(Please note that this works best on opaque text paper as opposed to vellum where patterns show through.)

Step 10. Pair with A2 Envelope

kraft paper printed holiday ornament cutout card slid partly inside red envelope placed alongside additional envelopes 
Finally, pair your handmade card with a complementary A2 envelope, address, and you’re done!

four printed cutout ornament holiday cards, each one with a different patterned paper showing from inside cutout

About LCI:

Founded in 1995, Marlborough, Massachusetts-based LCI Paper, Inc. offers consumers a quick, affordable way to purchase paper, envelopes, printed invitations & stationery. Through an easy online ordering system, products are shipped same day from their order fulfillment center. LCI is Better Business Bureau certified and A+ rated.

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  1. Thank you for this post! I love the easy printables. I make all my own cards...and have for a long time. But these are going into my idea file for a fast and easy card that may be adapted for any occasion.

  2. Love these cards. I don't have a 2" punch so I better make a trip to the craft

    1. So glad you like them, Ann! Sorry to send you shopping though. :)

  3. thank you for sharing this idea and the templates, it is lovely.

  4. Lesliediana said. . .My first thoughts are - Shaker card and foil shine to the word Happy with a foil sheet and laminator. This template is perfect. Time to go buy more sequins. Thank you.

    1. Good idea! Would love to see your creations if you wind up making some.

  5. Thanks every so much...will make for an easy, but lovely card!!!
    Paper Hugs,

  6. What an awesome DIY.. What's better than a handmade Christmas card..


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