Holiday Paper Decorations at the White House - 2015

Each year I look forward to seeing pics of holiday decorations at the White House. Paper ornaments are often included and 2015's decor doesn't disappoint. The theme A Timeless Tradition is carried out in a multitude of elegant ways and repurposes items from the White House holiday collection... only ten percent of the decorations are newly made, quite an achievement considering there are 62 trees and more than 70,000 ornaments!

Mailboxes and Airmail Envelopes Wreath at White House Christmas 2015
 via White House Historical Association

Airmail envelopes convey the importance of reaching out to service members, especially at holiday time. The envelopes are used to decorate wreaths and fill mailboxes, and are cleverly rolled into bows and tree garlands.

Rolled Paper Garland White House Christmas Decor - NPR photo
via NPR; photographer Emily Bogle

This stunning East Colonnade installation is comprised of kirigami snowflakes made by Washington, D.C. school children that feature their hand-written ambitions. Additional cut paper flag and seal snowflakes represent each of the U.S. states and territories.

White House Christmas Decor 2015 - Cut Paper Snowflakes
via White House Historical Association

The Library's theme is a holiday forest of books and manuscripts to inspire and educate. Handmade book and bow ornaments decorate a tree. You'll also find origami trees, snowmen with quote scarves and more if you have the opportunity to visit in person.

Handmade Book Ornaments at White House Christmas 2015 - NPR photo
via NPR; photographer Emily Bogle

The official White House tree, an 18.5 foot tall Fraser fir, is located in the oval Blue Room and is decorated in red, white and blue ornaments. It features holiday messages of hope for the troops along with garlands of folded gold stars.

White House Blue Room - Christmas Decor 2015
via White House Historical Association

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  1. That is fun to see. It's great that only 10% are new. Must reduce, reuse, and recycle!

    1. I agree! Something old can be new again. Happy New Year!


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