Holiday Paper Goods Round Up

Okay, it's January 11th and the holidays are practically a distant memory at this point. Nevertheless, I hope you'll humor me while I show some things that arrived in December's mail and/or were under the tree... if you like paper, I think you'll find them interesting.

Altered Book Sculpture - Letter A

My sister found this little altered book initial A sculpture for me at the Ding Darling Refuge Nature Store on Sanibel Island, Florida. It's hand carved from a Reader's Digest compilation of abridged books and is pretty darn cute.

Hand Carved Books at Ding Darling Refuge Nature Store

The shop has lots of letter choices and they accept phone or email orders.

Polymer Clay Necklace and Beads by Licia Politis

Licia Politis, my quilling friend in Sydney, has been experimenting with different materials for jewelry making. She sent this pretty marbled polymer clay necklace and bracelet. The beads are strung on paper twine from PaperPhine, now available in Australia at String Harvest. (I include the links because both are beautiful sites.) Licia keeps her eye on trends and I love that these pieces are my new faves of metallic copper, silver and gray, literally rolled into one.  Even the packaging matched! 

Copper, Silver and Gray Packages

She also made a clever tissue paper confetti wreath card. Follow Licia on Instagram (@paper_to_jewelry) to see her latest creations.

Tissue Paper Wreath Card

Have you heard of Quilling Card? A friend sent this quilled chickadee card and I can't get over the attention to detail. Entrepreneur Huong Wolf began the company as a cottage industry for disabled workers in Vietnam after recognizing the potential of quilling to catch the attention of those who shop for specialty cards... "keepers", as I call the type of card that is saved to display each Christmas. Some of the designs, like this one, have a printed watercolor background that adds a lovely effect.

QuillingCard Chickadee

The nice folks at LovePop Cards sent me these great pop-up cards that were a hit with my family. 

LovePop Reindeer Peace Card

Each has a laser cut design on the front and then when opened, Surprise! 

LovePop Pop-Up Christmas Card

The paper is strong and pretty... just look at the glittery shine on the Santa's sleigh card. For those of you who abhor glitter getting everywhere, rest easy as it doesn't rub off.

LovePop Card Glitter Paper

Have a look at designs created for LovePop's recent appearance on the TV show, Shark Tank. Spoiler alert... a happy ending for the team! There are LovePop Cards for all year round by the way, not just the holidays; same with Quilling Card.

Cut Paper Winter Rabbit

I featured Jackie Huang and her paper cuttings in the past when she was a Disneyland Artist in Residence. She surprised me with this adorable cut paper winter rabbit. Thanks Jackie!

Handmade Soap from Chicory Farm

Last but not least, I love handmade soap and ordered bars from Chicory Farm Soap to give to several people on my list... everyone uses soap, right? Not only does it smell wonderful, but the wrappers have colorful cut paper layers... my kind of packaging!

Ann Martin
Ann Martin

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  1. Looks like a merry Christmas all 'round! The Santa sleigh card is phenomenal! Thanks, Ann!

  2. Love that quilled chickadee card, and the pop-up reindeer too!

  3. All are stunning. My son always gives me an wonderful card for Christmas as he knows about my love of paper. This year it was a spectacular LovePop card, amazing indeed!

  4. In love with the quilled bird & the confetti card & the Handmade soap....actually they're all great!

  5. quilting card is such a great idea and wonderful cause. And a beautiful product!

  6. I ran into QuillingCard last year while on vacation. I bought a couple, but couldn't bear to part with them, so now they decorate my cube at work. I agree that the attention to detail is incredible!


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