Geometric Paper Cutting by Kristine Benum Braanen

Kristine Braanen is a paper cut artist in Oslo, Norway. Her name may have a familiar ring because she was mentioned in a previous post about the Paper Artist Collective and also last week's feature on papercut artist Samantha Quinn. Kristine and Samantha are co-leaders of the PAC. That doesn't mean their work is similar... quite the opposite! Kristine's designs have a strong emphasis on geometry.

Dimensional Paper Cutting - Detail

I asked Kristine to tell us about herself and learned she will soon complete a Master's degree in Philosophy; she studied Education as an undergrad.

Papercut World Map - Detail

Kristine began paper cutting in connection with a school project in 2013. While she has always loved painting, drawing and making things, it was when she worked with paper that she found her ideal medium.

Paper Cutting over Watercolor

She loves experimenting and creating with different papers, and most of all working with shapes, patterns and compositions. "I love finding the unintended beauty and balance in both my work and everyday things. Inspiration and beauty are everywhere if you look for them."

Paper Sculpture with Paper Cutting

Most of Kristine's designs use just two or three shapes - circles, triangles and occasionally squares. "I love creating intricacy with these simple shapes."

Framed Paper Cuts

She does a lot of freehand cutting within a drawn outline, and says she often starts on a piece without knowing how it will turn out. "I never use computers or programs to make my designs as I love the order in seemingly randomness and the surprises I find in my creations as I go." Watch her remarkably steady hand in action here.

Paper Circles with Cut Triangles

"Paper cutting is to me a form of meditation. It allows me to relax and create order and beauty. Paper is such a simple and easy material and still it has a million opportunities; it's the perfect, clean, simplistic and beautiful medium."

Planetary Paper Cutting

Kristine sells her work in some stores, but mostly focuses on commissions and exhibitions. Her favorite project so far was with photographer Cecilie Rundgren and model Yvonne Ravn.

Papercut Photoshoot 2

"We had a whole summer day out in the woods, playing with paper art in nature, so much fun, creativity and so much beauty!"

Papercut Photoshoot

A commissioned project last year was for London-based jewelry designer Eshvi. Kristine designed and created a display for their exhibit at London Fashion Week.

Eshvi Jewelry Inside Paper Cut Cube

The theme of the jewelry was space ships, thus she created a paper cube of geometric shapes as their atmosphere.

Eshvi Jewelry with Paper Cuts

Quick Facts:
  • Favorite paper: 270gr, textured paper
  • Scalpel: I mostly use Paragon England, disposable scalpel. But I also very much like Swann Morton.
  • Blade: 10A or 11
  • Cutting mat: Peacock and Mapac

Lastly, a Kristine selfie titled "practicing cutting freehand circles".

Kristine Braanen with Freehand Cut Paper Circles
 Find Kristine Braanen on Instagram and Facebook.

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  1. Wow, these are stunning. So talented and creative.

  2. I agree, Joan! Thanks for commenting.

  3. Oh my....these are lovely!!!
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  4. Awesome talent! I have enough trouble cutting a straight line! Beautiful!

  5. Stunning work! I especially like the photos with the model outside.

  6. I'm glad you enjoyed the post, Kathy Ann and kitblu.


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