New Quilling Book and Quilled Marriage Certificate - Redwood Canyon Wedding

One last post before I head into book-writing mode for the rest of the summer... yes, a new title is underway that focuses on a specific quilling topic. I apologize for scanty details, but considering the way time flies, it won't be long at all until I can share more about this project. I guarantee I'll miss blogging... writing posts is one of my favorite things to do. I'm also on hiatus from quilled wedding commissions, but I look forward to returning to them as soon as the manuscript is completed.

Quilled Woodland Marriage Certificate - Dogs Detail

Here's a Quaker marriage certificate I had the recent pleasure of quilling for a couple who wrote to say they had come across images of my wedding designs. They especially liked the personal touches that related to each couple. As they enjoy identifying and watching native birds from their home in a California redwood canyon, they asked me to create two favorite species, a Steller's jay and acorn woodpecker.

Quilled Marriage Certificate - Woodland Detail

They also told me they have three dogs who are considered members of the family and would be part of the ceremony. Could they possibly be included without making the certificate look hokey? I promised to try my best to quill the birds and dogs along with requested sunshine and forest foliage.

Quilled Woodland Marriage Certificate - Detail

The piece is a reworking of my woodland design, one that I always enjoy doing. The dogs took center stage at the top of the certificate. The couple told me their yellow lab is a real sweetheart and I hope the paper coils convey her lovable personality.

Quilled Dogs

The birds were placed on redwood branches alongside fern fronds, acorns, mushrooms and wildflowers.

Quilled Marriage Certificate - Acorn Woodpecker

As guests and dogs looked on, the couple signed the hand lettered certificate (by Riva Brown of Living Letters Studio) during the ceremony as a commitment to one another.

And as the song goes, See You in September! Meanwhile, I'll send out an occasional, free newsletter that features links to worldwide paper-y goodness (you can sign up here) and will continue to be active on Instagram (@allthingspaper) and Pinterest (@allthingspaper).

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