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2016 has been a very busy year for Dutch designer Debbie Wijskamp. Along with ideas and inspiration for utilizing paper as her material of choice, she has a new workspace, home, baby, and undoubtedly a sense of pride in all she has achieved.

Circle of Life Wall Object by Debbie Wijskamp

Interested in creating from a young age, Debbie studied Product Design at ArtEZ Academy of Art and Design in the Netherlands. This past spring she opened a retail shop and studio in the Design District of Arnhem called Het Modekwartier. It is where she turns newspaper into pulp and forms it into a variety of beautiful pieces.

Circle of Life - Debbie Wijskamp 
I'm sure you're curious about these objects that look so much like natural druzies. Aren't they fascinating? Made of recycled paper, plaster, colorant and salt crystals, each decorative piece is completely unique. Debbie titled this collection Circle of Life as a nod to the "collaboration between mind, body and soul." 

Circle of Life Wall Objects by Debbie Wijskamp

In 2009, inspired by cultures that make their homes from readily available materials, Debbie began combining recycled newspaper with a water-based binder to create a sturdy building material. She found the mixture to be strong enough for cabinets and shelving and named it PAPERPULP. You can watch a short process video here.

Paperpulp Cabinets by Debbie Wijskamp

Debbie uses the same materials to form elegantly shaped objects such as vases and tableware.

Paperpulp Vase by Debbie Wijskamp

The subdued color is dependent on the amount of ink in the newsprint. She also makes lamps from the mixture.

Paperpulp Lamp by Debbie Wijskamp

PAPERPULP Bright is a limited collection Debbie developed in 2012 featuring vivid shades that result from the addition of colored pigment.

Paperpulp Bright Vessels by Debbie Wijskamp

Debbie teaches her pulp making method via short courses at her studio each month. Recently she traveled to Beirut where she led a workshop and will teach another session in February 2017 at West Dean College in Chichester, UK. More information can be found in the News section of her website.

Paperpulp Bright Vases by Debbie Wijskamp

See Debbie Wijskamp's latest creations on Facebook and Instagram.

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