Paper Stitching on Holiday Cards

As another idea in my #SnailMailStash series, I thought I would show you this stitched card that's fun to make (provided needle and thread don't cause panic), pretty quick, and sure to impress any non-crafty recipient. Plus it slides easily into an envelope with no need for bubble wrap or extra postage.

Paper Stitched Stars Card

I upcycled the glossy purple, blue and green lightweight card stock from a catalog cover and googled/printed a star image, then traced and cut one of each color. The snowflake vellum was the same type used in the windows of my tiny houses. I bought silver thread thinking I would use it for hanging ornaments - nada, too fine - but it turned out to be just the ticket for paper stitching. The free pattern and sewing instructions are posted on the Card Inspirations website. Many more designs are available at Form-A-Lines and Stitching Cards, as well as a simple and free Christmas tree, ornament and holly wreath.

Stitching on Paper - Peace on Earth Card

I posted this card previously in my Learn to Stitch on Paper post, but not at holiday time, so here it is again. The stitching just happened to fit the stamped/embossed ornament... luck is a very good thing. What's also lucky is that it is another Card Inspirations free pattern. The crosshatch stitches make me think of spirelli... that would be the string art variety, not the late night TV veg slicer, bahaha. The star-crossed night sky layer was a lightweight sheet of card stock upcycled from a magazine. I ran it through my Fiskars crimper to add texture, and stitched on heavyweight vellum.

In a galaxy far, far away, perhaps there really is peace... wouldn't it be nice if the same was true here on Earth. One can dream... especially while stitching.

P.S. More sewing on paper.

Ann Martin
Ann Martin

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  1. I really like the stitched stars, I will make some for next year.

  2. I'm glad you like them, Anneke. Happy holidays!


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