Cut and Fold Paper Textures: Techniques for Surface Design

Paul Jackson is a paper artist, teacher of university-level design courses, and the author of more than thirty popular paper art and craft books. His newest title, Cut and Fold Paper Textures: Techniques for Surface Design, features a dozen techniques that are quite easy to master - no origami or paper engineering skills are required.

Cut and Fold Paper Textures

This paperback book contains 128 pages, 254 illustrations, and is a pleasure to thumb through... there are many inspiring examples of each technique.

Cut and Fold Paper Textures - Introduction Pages

You'll learn about twisted paper string, weaving, layering, coiling, tearing, bending, incising and lifting, crumpling, pleating, cutting pleats, stippling, and translucent surfaces.

Cut and Fold Paper Textures - Sample Pages

Samples of each topic are provided in white paper, as well as papers of different colors, weights, and textures. You are shown examples by art students and professional designers who use the techniques to make clothing, furniture, jewelry, artwork and homewares.

Twisted Paper Jewelry by Dana Bloom
Twisted Paper Jewelry - Dana Bloom (Israel)
Photo: Leonid Padrul, Eretz Israel Museum, Tel Aviv

I enjoyed this recent interview with the author on the Papercrafter Magazine blog: Paper Talk with Paul Jackson.

Paper Shoes by Ida Rak
Altered Shoes - Ida Rak (Israel)
Photo: Leonid Padrul, Eretz Israel Museum, Tel Aviv

And now the worldwide giveaway! Three winners will receive a copy of Cut and Fold Paper Textures from Laurence King Publishing.

Papercut Mandala by Geoff Nees
Incised Mandala - Geoff Nees (Australia)

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Ceiling lamp of acrylic and paper
Acrylic and Paper Lampshade - John Lewis Partnership (UK)

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Congratulations to Anna Harris, @brandideziel and @lisajaystudio, winners of the giveaway!

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