6 Paper Artists Who Make Contemporary Jewelry

I know, I know... another paper jewelry post. Forgive me if the subject isn't your thing, but let me assure you features are in the works that are far and removed from this topic. You see, after my jewelry post a few weeks ago, even more artists came to light and I can't help but showcase them here as well.

Sculptured Paper Earrings with Beads by Paper Leaf

First up, cardboard has never looked so good! These graceful Wave sculptures waiting to be made into earrings are by Elisond Holder of Paper Leaf in Rome, Italy.

Handpainted Paper Necklace by Paper Leaf

A graphic designer and illustrator, Elisond loves paper, drawing and designing... all of these interests led to making paper jewelry that doesn't look like paper. When questioned why she uses such an inexpensive material, she replies that paper can be bent, cut, rolled, painted, carved, and transformed into almost anything.

Handpainted Paper Earrings by Paper Leaf

Many of Paper Leaf's floral necklaces and earrings feature original drawings that Elisond hand paints with acrylics on Canson paper. A coating of varnish protects the paper, making it water resistant. She even sends along the original painting from which the jewelry components are cut... such a nice touch.

Paper Leaf is on Instagram and Facebook

Oval Red Book Necklace by My Paper Tale

From light and delicate to big and bold... here we have examples of book page jewelry made by Hedva Klein of My Paper Tale in Haifa, Israel. After more than thirty years as a teacher, she began a second career as a mostly self-taught jewelry artist, concentrating on paper.

Statement Book Necklace by My Paper Tale

Hedva collects colorful papers along with old books that are no longer wanted. She enjoys cutting the pages into different shapes and combines them to create dramatic statement jewelry.

Orange and Yellow Paper Necklace with Glass Beads and Leather Cord by My Paper Tale

My Paper Tale is on Facebook and Pinterest.

Green Dangle Paper Earrings by SC Studio

Stephanie Connell of SC Studio located in Stow, Massachusetts has been designing and creating for more than twenty years. Steph's vibrant dotted patterns, designed specifically for use on her handmade items, are printed in many colors and applied to a variety of modern shapes.

Blue Dangle Paper Earrings by SC Studio

Even the largest pieces are lightweight and comfortable to wear. All are glazed for durability and shine, and feature sterling silver findings.

Red and Pink Paper Earrings by SC Studio

SC Studio is on Instagram.

Sara Fontana of Art by Heart in Italy makes stylishly long necklaces and layered paper earrings using rolled and crimped paper strips. She also enjoys quilling, string art, and pop art, and appreciates the ecological aspects of working with paper as her material of choice.

Crimped Paper Long Necklace by Art By Heart Sara Fontana
Oval Crimped Paper Earrings by Art By Heart Sara Fontana

I'm admiring the glossy colors of this circular pendant.

 Circular Paper Necklace by Art By Heart Sara Fontana

Sara of Art by Heart is on Instagram and Facebook.

Gold, Silver, and Turquoise Origami Necklace by Diffizil

Alice of Diffizil in Gara, Germany creates paper jewelry and decor using origami to great effect.

Folded Paper Star Earrings by Diffizil

She often works with pretty metallic papers. Little puffy stars are always a hit, as are peacock feathers.

Origami Peacock Necklaces by Diffizil

Diffizil is on Instagram.

Woven Paper Necklace by Arual Dem

Laura De Martino of Arual Dem has been making bold woven paper jewelry since 2010.

 Black, Gold, and White Woven Paper Jewelry by Arual Dem

She has a degree in Product Design from the University of Florence, is a graphic designer, and street artist in Florence, Italy. Laura upcycles pages from magazines for her work, and also uses more valuable papers from Favini, a paper mill in northern Italy. The jewelry findings are sterling silver.

Woven Paper Earrings by Arual Dem

Follow along with Arual Dem on Instagram.

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  1. No prequel apology to anyone is ever needed for sharing what inspires you on a blog that belongs to you :)

  2. These are gorgeous and very inspiring. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Good point, Karin. :) Chalk it up to wanting to please as many of my readers as possible.

  4. So glad you enjoyed the post, Lorraine!

  5. Gorgeous jewellery, lovely post. Thanks for sharing!
    Definitely no apology needed from my view, other than for making me very jealous of their skills!! Wish I had even the first idea where to start making something this gorgeous 😢

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