Paper Gifts, Paper Jewelry, and Holiday Gift Wrap Ideas

Happy New Year! As a way of keeping the festive season alive just a moment longer, I hope you'll enjoy scrolling through this collection of things given and received for Christmas - all paper-themed, of course. One treasured side effect of blogging over the years is that I've met many artisans who make unusual/beautiful items from paper and this type of post gives me a chance to bring them to your attention.

Origami-Inspired Reversible Necklace by Ilan Garibi

First up is a surprise because there's zero detectable paper in the photo (well, aside from the box). BUT, there is indeed a strong paper connection. The gold plated brass necklace was made by Ilan Garibi, an origami artist in Israel who has often been featured here on ATP. Ilan sent it to me as a thank you and I was bowled over by his thoughtfulness. Each piece of jewelry in his Etsy shop, Garibi Origami, is hand-folded and based on an original paper model. Not only is this pendant elegant, but it's reversible!

Abaca Paper Necklace by VERSO

Another very pretty necklace I received (as a bartered item for a November giveaway) is this emerald green wreath made of hand-dipped abaca paper, brass, and silver by Melanie Brauner of VERSO and Etsy shop, VERSO Studio. It was a perfect design to wear during the holidays, but not so Christmas-y that I can't wear it all year long.

Paper Stitching Ornaments and Kit by Stefani Tadio Paper Art

Keeping the green theme going for a sec... several items I gifted included these hand-stitched and beaded tree ornaments, songbird ornament kits, and a tiny stitched magnet. All are from Stefani Tadio Paper Art [site no longer available] and are even more detailed when seen in person. The silky thread Stefani uses has a gorgeous sheen and both her stitching and packaging are perfection.

Paper Cut Illustration Christmas Tree Ornament by Sarah Trumbauer

Here's another pretty ornament I gave as a little gift to a couple of folks. It features Etsy shop owner Sarah Trumbauer's Snow Day hand cut original paper cut illustration that was scanned and applied to both sides of a 3-inch metal ornament. Very pretty with a ribbon hanger, it's glossy, scratch-resistant, and unbreakable... i.e. will last forever!

Origami Paper Earrings and Necklace by Mayumi Origami Jewelry

Now for some paper jewelry - nope, I'll never tire of gifting/wearing it because it's so unique. These pretty origami earrings and necklace are from Etsy shop, Mayumi Origami. I love the decorative Japanese papers and special findings Renata Mayumi uses.

Paper Earrings - Petals to the Metal Purple Camo by Diana Ferguson Jewelry

These Petals to the Metal earrings by Diana Ferguson Jewelry are original, colorful, waterproof, and light as a feather. Like Melanie, Stefani, and Renata, Diana has been another one of my loyal blog sponsors this past season. I gave this Purple Camo pair to my sister and another pair to a friend, but the custom made Birds on a Wire pendant below is mine, all mine. :)

Paper Pendant - Petals to the Metal Birds on a Wire by Diana Ferguson Jewelry 

I know what you're thinking... will she ever run out of paper earrings to show us? Not a chance!

Constellation Paper and Resin Earrings by Dittany Rose

I gave these Constellation metallic card, glossy resin, and sterling silver earrings from Etsy shop Dittany Rose to two young women on my list and like me, they thought they are very cool. I just received a 2018 Upcoming Trends email from Etsy and constellation items are high on the list. Go Dittany, your jewelry is ahead of the curve!

Rolled Paper Tassel Earrings by Coco Delay

These tassel earrings from Marti Emmons of Etsy shop Coco Delay are so clever and right on trend too. They feature tightly rolled decorative paper along with a bit of bling and swing gently when you wear them. Marti included the nicest note in the package that featured more of her original art... I couldn't resist trimming it down to use as a gift tag.

Reach for the Sky Book Sculpture Giclee by Su Blackwell

This giclée of Su Blackwell's Reaching for the Sky book sculpture was a gift for a young woman who is a middle school principal... just maybe Matilda will catch the eye of students who visit her office and inspire them to read, read, read.

Gift Wrapped Packages

Here are two shots of packages I had fun wrapping with supplies that had been sent to me in past years by blog sponsors Vicki Smith Art, Vitamini, Revel and Co., Paper Ink Press, PaperPhine, and Botanical Paperworks... I crimped strips of the latter's wildflower seed paper to use instead of ribbon on a few of the gifts.

Gifts for a Francophile

These Joyeux Noel gifts were for a Francophile friend who loves Paris and subdued colors. The larger of the two contained a classy Paris is Always a Good Idea gold foil print I ordered from Lotus Stewart of Etsy shop Girl Friday Paper Arts [shop is no longer stocked]. Maybe it will inspire future trips. :)

Paper Jewelry, Decorative Papers, and Quilled Card

My Australian friend Licia Politis sent a wonderful package filled with all sorts of paper pretties and a lovely silk scarf. There's a lot going on in this picture, but see if you can pick out the long necklace made of interlocking coils and paper stitching, a crimped coil bracelet, decorative paper sheets, a gold foil royal purple necklace based on the Petal Power Lariat Necklace from The Art of Quilling Paper Jewelry, and a quilled Christmas card.

Quilled Christmas Tree Card with Bandaging Technique

Here's a closer look at the blanketing (paper wrapping) technique Licia used on the card - what a great idea!

Quilled Rose Gold Pendant in Origami Paper Box

Lastly, I made another one of these quilled pendants as a gift for a friend. I found the rose gold necklace chain at Michaels... it's heavier than the one I previously blogged about, the quality is just as nice, and it goes well with the JJ Quilling rose gold metallic-edge quilling paper used to make the pendant. I folded the box using origami paper by following a tutorial on Debra Glanz's site, The Paper Assembly.

So now the holidays are officially over... onward to new finds and projects in the new year!

Ann Martin
Ann Martin

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  1. Wow, you are a lucky lady! I recognised Ilan's work immediately! Enjoy wearing the necklace.

  2. Happy New Year, Ann. Looking forward to another year of your great finds.

  3. Thanks Lisa and Maureen! Happy New Year to both of you.


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