Contemporary Tote Bags - LIVALIKE by Claudia Santiago Areal

There are few things I enjoy more than coming across novel, but practical uses of paper, especially when fashion is involved. Not that paper bags sound new or stylish... far from it. However, LIVALIKE Paper Tote Bags [site is not currently active] created by interior architect and product designer Claudia Santiago Areal are something quite special.

LIVALIKE Red Tote Bag 306

What sets these utilitarian bags apart, aside from smart details and high quality construction, is that they are made of TEXON, a washable and extremely durable material.

LIVALIKE Black Tote Bag

Sheets of TEXON resemble kraft paper fabric.

TEXON Paper Sheets
However, when TEXON is hand colored and crinkled, it takes on the appearance of rugged leather.

TEXON Crinkled Blue Paper

Versatile TEXON is made in Germany and is free of harmful substances. Standard colors are black, chocolate, sand, and stone, but it can be hand colored with TEXILAC, an eco-friendly water-based textile ink from Italy.


LIVALIKE is a small, independent slow fashion brand, one that is growing step-by-step. The unisex bags that Claudia produces are available in several styles via galleries in Germany and The Netherlands, as well as her Munich studio.

In addition to neutrals, you'll find red, yellow, and blue totes with more colors coming soon.

TEXON Paper Samples

While bags are the main focus of LIVALIKE at the moment, Claudia, who enjoys the adventure of designing, is sketching and experimenting with new prototypes. She told me we might see baskets, vessels, stools, and more in the future.

LIVALIKE Shoulder Bag 310

She uses SABA, a German-made polyester core thread with high abrasion resistance and OEKO TEX certification, to sew the bags. Use of a zig-zag stitch protects against tears and stabilizes the edges.

LIVALIKE bags - detail
LIVALIKE bags can be hand washed in warm water with liquid detergent. Fabric softener and/or bleach should not be used. They can be machine washed separately in a wash bag or pillowcase. Dry flat or machine dry (the latter increases crinkling). Iron wet for best results.

LIVALIKE Washable Paper Bag

Claudia is always interested in cooperating with galleries and museum shops, and welcomes individual requests via email. Prices ranges from 330 EUR to 450 EUR, excluding shipping costs. Delivery time is usually 8 to 12 weeks.


LIVALIKE is on Instagram.

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