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Paper crafters, I have good news for you! If you've admired beautiful, on-edge paper letters, wanted to try, but wondered how the heck quilled lettering is done, Cecelia Louie of Etsy shop Paper Zen has released E-books that provide patterns and templates for each letter of the alphabet. Learn Cecelia's foolproof method and you'll be a quilling star!

Quilled letter S filled with paper stars and scrolls on a greeting card

One E-book contains uppercase letters and the other, lowercase. Cecelia walks you through the steps via printable pattern and template files, excellent You Tube videos (she recommends this video as a good starting place: How to Outline a Quilling Letter A) in which she demonstrates step-by-step ways of enhancing letters, as well as shares many tips and freebies on her blog Paper Zen.
Cover of Quilling Letters E-book with A, B, and C quilled letters filled with paper scrolls
Each book contains a pattern for the 26 letters of the alphabet for you to print and use as a template. Cecelia's videos show exactly how to make paper strips stand up straight and tall, turn sharp corners, and go around curves smoothly.
Cover of Quilling Lowercase Letters E-book with A, B, and C quilled letters filled with paper scrolls and leaves
I've long admired Cecelia's clean, minimalistic quilling style... every single strip has a place and a purpose. Her designs are not a complicated jumble. She carefully forms the letter outline and fills in or around it with a spare, but lovely design.

Quilled card with lowercase letter A and aqua paper peacock feather

Quilled monograms are meant to be displayed! Giving one is such a special present and happily, there is still time for you to practice and create a framed piece before the holidays. Begin with a single letter and move on to a full monogram or word after perfecting your technique.

Quilled paper word BEYOUTIFUL with decorative paper scrolls and tiny quilled flowers

Cecelia says this about her E-books: Every letter of the alphabet has been pre-measured, so all you have to do is place your quilling paper on top of my template, then score and trim where indicated. Once you've outlined your letter, it's ready for your personalized touch, whether you want to fill with scrolls or closed coils.

printable letter A pattern and quilling strip measuring

The letters are almost 3" in height when printed on an 8.5x11 inch sheet of paper, however you can easily enlarge or reduce the letter, depending on the capabilities of your printer.

Applying a paper quilling strip to a printed uppercase letter A pattern

By the way, there is a Quilling Numbers E-book in the Paper Zen shop too - so nice for making birthday cards. You'll also find original SVG and hand cutting templates that Cecelia has created, including this new and adorable Mushroom Favor Box that was recently featured in the Holiday Gift Guide for Paper Aficionados.

Mushroom Gnome House Favor Box made of paper

And now, the international giveaway:  [ENDED] Thanks to all who entered; scroll down to see who won!

Quilled uppercase letter B filled with quilled flowers on card front

Cecelia will send three winners their choice of the Uppercase or Lowercase Quilling Letters E-books. To enter: simply leave a comment on this post - easy peasy!

Quilled uppercase letter G filled with quilled scrolls on card front

Note that Blogger does not allow me to see the email address you type into the comment form with your name, so you must include an email address within your comment to be contacted if you win. If spam is a concern, type your address like this: janedoe at gmail dot com

Dimensional paper uppercase letter R with quilled roses and scrolls on white card

The same giveaway is underway on the All Things Paper Instagram feed. Enter on the giveaway photo [ENDED] to double your chances. Okay? O! K!

Quilled paper letter O surrounded by quilled leafy vine on greeting card

Letter K shape surrounded by ivory quilled scrolls on purple card

Cecelia's Etsy shop is Paper Zen. She blogs and is on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest.

Congratulations to Bronwyn, mpcheckers, and papierbysiobhan

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    Lots of love and luck from India !!

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    1. Aw thanks Glynis, but Cecelia Louie is the author of these lettering books.

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  39. Cecelia.....I am fairly new at quilling and have watched many tutorials. I have tried my hand
    at 3 and 5 mm paper strips. I love to make cards and give them away to family and friends.
    I used to just cut pretty things out of magazines and paste them on the cards. But then I
    discovered your quilling and I am hooked. I think having these books would be fabulous.
    I could make a card for everyone I know, every birthday, every holiday and every event.
    I unfortunately don't have a printer and am not as savvy at computers as I am at quilling.
    Winning one of these books would end up making so many people smile at their very own
    personalized initial on a nice card, it would be wonderful. You are an amazing woman and
    very kind to offer one of your books to someone who enjoys your work. In this terrible time
    it is so pleasant to view your art and also to be able to send someone something nice
    without having to have contact. What a nice idea for family and friends we have not been
    able to visit with for so many months. Keep making people smile. We need it right now.


    1. Hi Elizabeth, I've passed your message along to Cecelia as this post was published back in 2018 and it's doubtful she will check in to see if there are new comments. Her book is available in her shop, https://www.etsy.com/shop/PaperZenShop.

  40. Hi, The are amazing creations. Please advise the width of quilling strip for letter outlining and is it filled with same or lower width quilling strip?

    Thanks Yoshi

    Y dot nanda at gmail

    1. Yoshi, this post was published in 2018 so it is doubtful Cecelia will check in to see if there are new comments. Her book is available in her shop, https://www.etsy.com/shop/PaperZenShop. She also has made a number of videos that are posted on YouTube. I recommend you experiment with strip widths to achieve a look that you like.

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