Clever Low Poly Paper Sculpture Models for You to Make

Because 3D paper sculptures are so popular with makers, here are new and appealing designs by Éric François, the low poly model creator at Ecogami. What a great way to relax via crafting and have something fun to display as the result of your efforts.

folded paper sculpture of bunny inside Easter egg

Did you know that the Easter bunny hatches from an egg? It does in the world of Ecogami!

colorful folded paper gecko model placed on foliage

In the past I've featured summer-themed low poly models and festive paper craft models for the holidays.... I find it satisfying to get ahead of the seasons by having decorations at the ready.

folded paper koala holding onto branch sculpture

This little guy is pretty darn cute and if you're ever in need of a mask, you too can be a koala!

koala folded paper mask sculpture

Time and patience are requirements while constructing a model. Choose a project and plan to enjoy the process no matter the time it takes. Like many who have reviewed Ecogami templates, chances are you'll feel yourself unwind while you craft. And when you are finished you'll have the best sense of accomplishment.

folded paper schnauzer dog model

Scissors, ruler, white glue, and a scoring tool (bone folder or even a butter knife) are the necessary tools - simple enough. You'll download a ZIP file that contains a template to print on A4 or A3 (Letter or Tabloid) sheets. Print at home or take the file to your local print shop to choose any paper you wish and have it printed there. Éric recommends using paper that is at least 200 GSM, ideally 270. English instructions are included.

example printable instructions for folded paper lamp with template

You'll cut out the pattern pieces and fold/match up/glue edges together by following the numbers. Éric usually colors/decorates his models with paint or felt tip markers after they are folded and glued.

folded paper origami lampshade

This elegant paper shade hangs gracefully from the ceiling as a pendant light. A pale pink one would be so pretty in a baby girl's nursery.

folded paper boxer dog sculpture

You'll find several free models on the Ecogami website. There's a robot, heart, bull, pumpkin, I Love You sign and more from which to choose... what a great way to try out the process.

folded paper wolf sculpture

A shiny metallic wolf is sure to be noticed on your wall and the cuteness of this colorful hedgehog slays me!

colorfully painted folded paper hedgehog model

Ecogami is also on Etsy as EcogamiShop.

All Things Paper is an Ecogami and AWIN affiliate.

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  1. These are adorable...especially love the hedgehog!

    1. I agree, Cate, so cute! I love the way Eric colored it.


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