Nature-Inspired Tissue Paper Art - Stacey Elaine

One glance at the vibrant paper cuttings by Stacey Elaine and I was smitten. She has developed her own lively style and technique for creating an array of wild animals and foliage from simple tissue paper and turns her art into appealing wall decor.

blue tissue paper hand cut bird silhouettes surrounded by colorful flowers and leaves

Each colorful piece is capable of standing alone, yet they are powerfully cohesive as a grouping. As I said to Stacey when I wrote to ask if she would like to be featured, "I think you're onto something very special!"

framed tissue paper cut scene of blue leopard surrounded by pink flowers with red leaves hanging on wall

As for her process, she hand cuts layers of tissue paper and adheres them to 300 lb hot press watercolor paper with ordinary Mod Podge Matte... but it's safe to say her work is far from ordinary!

pink and red tissue paper hand cut school of dimensional fish

While Stacey currently offers original framed art and prints, I can easily picture the designs on wallpaper and soft goods too.

papercut tissue paper zebra herd with blossoming greenery

You can watch her work on Instagram.

eight green and white leaping wild animals cut from tissue paper

Stacey explains that the tissue she uses varies: Not necessarily one brand, I try everything and stick with the ones that don’t bleed or tear easily! I haven’t had any problems with fading or acidity; I seal the tissue paper onto heavy weight watercolor paper; the sealant acts like a preserver in some ways, it protects from fading (to what extent I don’t know yet) but framing with good UV resistant plexi helps, as does keeping them out of direct sunlight. I have three pieces hanging in my home and no signs of fading after many months.

black tissue paper hand cut framed deer scene hanging on dining room wall

As for subject matter, Stacey has been a nature lover and sketcher of animals since childhood... her artistic talent was encouraged by her parents. She chose to study creative writing in college and it wasn't until motherhood that art entered her life again. Now she cuts and pastes while her two young sons nap.

pink paper cut protea blossoms with green leaves and yellow buds

Interestingly, she doesn't draw her designs before cutting, but has a vague idea of what she plans to make. ...sometimes the end result is vastly different from what I originally had in mind.

pink tissue paper hand cut tiger surrounded by leaves and flowers

The idea to work with tissue paper came to me as I was falling asleep one night, and since I started working with this medium it has felt more natural and effortless than anything else I’ve ever made.

vinyl murals of tiger and floral silhouettes on spa wall

Stacey blogs and wrote about how her work found its way onto the walls of a salon in Mexico as large-scale vinyl murals.

three blue paper cut giraffe silhouettes surrounded by pink and red floral design

See more at Stacey Elaine and follow her on Instagram where she is

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