Delightfully Tiny Paper Cuttings by Laura K. Sayers

Paper artist and illustrator Laura K. Sayers creates miniature hand cut paper figures that have been delighting the masses - masses of Instagrammers, that is. I ask you... is there a cuter collection of teeny-tiny people anywhere on Earth? I don't think so! Instagram is where I first laid eyes on Laura's paper cuttings and knew they needed to be shared here on the blog.

miniature, colorful paper cut figures shown on a hand for scale

Originally from Oxfordshire in England, she graduated with a first class degree in illustration from the College of Art at the University of Edinburgh, and worked in Edinburgh and Glasgow before moving to north London where she is a freelance illustrator.

hand cut paper scene of a young boy at an optometrist's office

Laura's style of creating colorful miniature figures and buildings originated about eight years ago while attending art school. She credits her childhood, faith, location, and personalities as inspiration.

miniature paper cut boy having his eyes examined

Obviously Laura has no shortage of patience when it comes to scissor cutting such remarkably small pieces. Even tinier cuts are added to each layer, as seen in the detail shot above, and gouache or graphic digital elements are sometimes applied as finishing touches.

seated artist cutting paper
Laura K. Sayers
photography: Ciara Menzies

She admits her work was 'reasonable' in size originally, but gradually became smaller and smaller. She enjoys the process and unique results, so worked to perfect her skill. The tiny buildings below were illustrations for a children's book... I can picture small ones poring over every little detail and taking them all in, as they tend to do.

miniature paper cut village

To give you an even better idea of scale...

tiny paper cut door

Laura created this paper cut portrait of Karl Lagerfeld for Elle magazine in 2018, just before his passing early this year. I hope he had a chance to enjoy seeing it.

paper cut bust of designer Karl Lagerfeld

An exciting event is the recent opening of Laura's first solo show, A Time for Every Purpose. Described as a celebration of the mundane, the exhibit is on display at The Jam Factory in Oxford through July 8, 2019. Artists Evening will be held this coming Sunday, May 19 from 6-8 PM.

miniature three story paper cut house decorated for Christmas
Design created exclusively for a Not on the High Street shop Christmas card

She is a member of the Paper Artist Collective, an online group of talented artisans that hosts pop-up shops, collaborations, and exhibits (first featured in this post), and made this 3D paper craft model of Royal Albert Hall for an event... it is far larger than her usual pieces.

3D paper cut model of Royal Albert Hall

See more of Laura's paper art and contact her about a custom design via her website, Not on the High Street shop, or Instagram.

tiny papercut musicians in palm of hand

She welcomes requests for individual or family portraits, as well as characters from films and books, wedding portraits, and homes. Cash Back

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  1. Thanks for sharing. Love all of the creative paper.

  2. Impossibly tiny! Impossibly adorable!

    1. I agree, Cecelia, the small fry especially are so darn cute.

  3. Ann, I always want to express my appreciation, so many years you have been giving your readers so many precious information and artists otherwise we will never have a chance to see their creations, techniques and most of all their effort and success.

    1. Thanks for your comment! I'm happy to hear you enjoy my posts.

  4. Such talent, intricate work and much patience. What beautiful work. Thank for sharing this.

    1. I'm glad you enjoyed seeing Laura's work, Holly.

  5. Love these tiny paper people buildings! Such patience it must take to create them. Thanks for sharing.

  6. I love anything miniature and if you make it out of paper that is even better. This is incredibly delightful. Thank you so much for finding her and sharing her work with us!

    1. I'm glad you enjoyed the post, Lucy!

    2. Such teensy teensy people.... good thing there are other "things" here and there to give them some perspective....the detail is so great that you would have no clue how tiny they are....

  7. WOW such detail. Love them especially the " little people"

  8. Beautiful, very detailed, exquisite art, you are truly talented.

    Veronica Coakley

  9. Its wonderfull !
    So nice !
    Thanks for your art

  10. Félicitations, c'est adorablement petit. Un mini monde merveilleux. Merci pour ce partage. Joëd


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