Captivating Cut Paper Collage Art by Sarah Suplina

This lovable fellow caught my eye on Instagram and I couldn't wait to scroll through more images of Sarah Suplina's cut paper art. Layered watercolor collages - Sarah Snippets, as she calls them - are her specialty... something she enjoys creating when not at her job as a middle school art teacher in New York state.

watercolor and layered cut paper English bulldog

I wrote to Sarah to ask if she would have time to answer questions about her art. Enjoy getting to know her and perhaps take a moment to visit the online shops she set up while on school recess over the summer.

layered, watercolor painted, cut paper flower

Via Society6 and Red Bubble, her collages can be printed on an array of gift items like mugs, clothing, and phone cases, as well as wall art. The Sarah Snippets Etsy shop is where you'll find her original cut paper collages. She welcomes requests for custom portraits.

papercut smiling girl holding black and white cat

As a longtime artist when and how did you become interested in working with paper, and more specifically, in creating your tiny cut paper collages?

My interest in cutting paper evolved from my work with watercolors and a desire to get more texture and depth in my work. I just started cutting and layering and loved the look on my first cut paper landscape (eight years ago!). Over the years my style has changed from abstract to illustrative, and lately I’ve been interested in realism.

watercolor painted, cut paper road, hills, and trees

I started my tiny cut paper art, or snippets as I call them, as a result of an online art challenge. I took on the 100-day art challenge with some fellow Instagram artists. I knew that going small was the only way I could complete the challenge with my busy teaching schedule. It was during this time that I got really excited about mini art and developed a daily habit of creating and snipping.

miniature cut paper figures dressed for a day at the beach

How do you find time to create your collages along with raising a family, teaching, and managing three online shops?

I want to do it all! But lack of time is a definite frustration of mine. I am, however, very good at segmenting my time. When I’m teaching, that is my focus; when I’m in my studio (which is daily) I am completely focused. And luckily, teaching provides nice breaks for me to do a lot of my online shop work. 

collection of minature vessels, many of which contain plants, made of painted, cut, and layered paper

You create themed collections... for example, your recent series of delightful dogs. You've also focused on birds, landscapes, flowers, and more. What compels you to switch to another subject?

I like themes because it gives me space to deeply explore a subject. The process of moving from one theme to another is very organic. The seasons inspire me a lot and my own work evolves and inspires the next piece. There is never a lack of inspiration!

papercut of black and gray rescue dog wearing orange neckerchief in hand of artist

Tell us about your favorite tools and supplies. Is there a certain paper you rely on most often? And do you always start with white paper and apply watercolor or do you sometimes use colored paper?

I use watercolor paper, both hot and cold press. I paint large sheets and then cut it up as needed. I have bins and bins of sorted colors and scraps. Safe to studio is rarely clean and I go through a lot of Xacto blades with such thick paper!

cut paper collage includes watercolor painted tree, leaves, flowers, hummingbird, bee hive

Do you have upcoming plans, gallery shows, and exhibitions you'd like to share?

I have my first solo show coming up in November that I am very excited about. The show is titled “Snippets” and will feature my cut paper pieces from abstracts to my most recent piece, “For the Love of Dogs”. The show will be up November through December in the Harrison Public Library in Harrison, New York. All are welcome!

collection of painted and layered cut paper dogs

Sarah Suplina is on Instagram and Facebook, and is a member of Paper Artist Collective. Her Etsy shop, Sarah Snippets, offers a wide range of work.

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