Flawless Dimensional Wall Art By PaperpanTR

It's easy to appreciate the glowing five star reviews of the dimensional paper art on display at PaperpanTR. Created by visual artist Tayfun Tinmaz in Istanbul, Turkey, statements like absolutely beautiful and crisp, stylish, minimalistic, unusual explain the success of this Etsy shop that has been going strong since its inception in 2016.

dimensional frog made of colorful folded paper triangles in square white frame on wall

I came across Tayfun's perfectly stark geometric art via a Google Alert that took me to Yanko Design where artists are encouraged to submit their work, and promptly followed him on Instagram, pleased to discover a creative whose designs are vaguely reminiscent of, but more sophisticated than those found in popular DIY low poly kits.

3D folded white paper pineapple with colorful leaves in square white frame hanging on wall

After graduating from Marmara University in Istanbul with a Fine Arts degree in Painting, Tayfun began creating 3D paper art for himself. Needless to say it attracted the attention of those around him, and he was frequently told that others should see his designs, thus the advent of Paperpan, now his full-time job.

3D red and gold folded paper snowflake in red square frame on wall

Each framed piece features puzzle-like triangular forms composed of solid color folded paper. Many of the dramatic designs are animals, but you'll also find stars, a gorgeous snowflake, and perhaps nature's showiest flower of all, the Strelitzia, commonly known as Bird of Paradise.

vivid bird of paradise flower composed of folded paper triangles on yellow background

I'm glad to see that Tayfun does not undervalue his work, as is so often the case in the paper world. Zoom in to see the perfect workmanship that one client stated is even more magnificent in real life, not to mention that Tayfun is one of the world's best package makers.

artist Tayfun Tinmaz standing in front of a pastel 3D folded paper unicorn in square white frame hanging on wall
Tayfun Tinmaz with UNICORN

Each framed square is conveniently sized the same, 20.47 x 20.47 inches (52x52 cm), meaning that a pair or trio would make a spectacular statement.

3D black folded paper chameleon with brightly colored tail in square black frame on wall

Visit Paper Art by PaperpanTR and follow along on Instagram where Tayfun Tinmaz is @paperpan.

dimensional blue macaw wall art composed of folded paper triangles

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  1. Wow, that's amazing talent. I love the bold colors paired with the minimalist display.

    1. So glad you enjoyed seeing Tayfun's work... I agree with you!


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