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It's a stressful time, but as the saying goes, this too shall pass. Lucky us, we're paper enthusiasts so our interest provides a welcome distraction, With that in mind, I set out virtually to discover the paper art and paper crafting books that will be coming our way this spring and summer. While most are scheduled to be released in April or later, they can be pre-ordered... yea, something to look forward to!

Quilling 20 Beautiful Designs paper crafting book colorful cover with llama, hot air balloon, cupcake and more


If designs that feature a colorful mix of traditional quilled coils and on-edge strips appeal to you like they do me, Sena Runa's second paperback, Quilling: 20 Beautiful Designs, looks like a winner. [edit: yes, the cover image and title have changed to what you see above.] This collection of how-to projects will be available on July 7 from GMC Publications. 


I know what you're thinking... that's a long time to wait. But once libraries reopen, perhaps you can borrow a copy of her popular first book. It's sold out in every one of the online bookstores I visited... check that! Every now and then you'll find it in stock. Kudos to Sena and her ability to create such delightful patterns. 

Gift Wrap Green book cover features two presents wrapped in patterned fabric or paper and tied with ribbon


Amazon's information about Gift Wrap Green: Techniques for Beautiful, Recyclable Gift Wrapping is scanty so far, but judging by the topic and gorgeous gifts on the cover, it's a book I know I'll enjoy. Present wrapping is just one of those things that makes me happy - except for its too quick to throw away aspect - so the thought that these ideas focus on recycling already makes it appealing. The hardcover book by Camille Wilkinson will be released on September 1 by Batsford (Pavilion Books).

Paper Flower Note Cards book cover features two pop-up floral cards, one red rose, one pink rose


Paper Flower Note Cards for Tuttle by Emiko Yamamoto, also a hardcover, will be released next Tuesday, March 24... not long at all to wait for this one! You'll create more than thirty designs that include floral pop-up cards, gift toppers, and place cards via step-by-step instructions. Reusable templates are located in the back of the book for a rose, peony, carnation, hydrangea, cosmos, morning glory, and more. A Kindle version will be available too.

Paper Quilling Adorable Animals Chinese Style book cover features foliage and two deer


The third title in the artistic series Paper Quilling Chinese Style is Paper Quilling Adorable Animals Chinese Style from Zhu Liqun Paper Art Museum. (Previous releases were Paper Quilling Chinese Style and Paper Quilling Four Seasons Chinese Style.) This newest paperback from Shanghai Press will be out on May 19 and includes 24 animal projects that are painting-like. 


Have a look via the Search Inside feature... it's debatable as to whether some of the designs are what the typical American quiller would call adorable, but nonetheless all are lovely and full of inspiration.


Origami Made Simple book cover features three folded paper butterflies

If you're an origami fan... lucky you! I say this because there are more origami books on the market than any other paper crafting topic. Upcoming paperback and Kindle version by Russell Wood of the blog Origami Expressions, Origami Made Simple: 40 Easy Models with Step-by-Step Instructions, looks like a great one for beginners. Available on April 14 from Rockridge Press, it includes detailed diagrams and written instructions for both classic and original models, such as a swan, tulip, crane, and teapot.

Origami Art book cover features densely folded snake-effect paper chain

At the opposite end of the origami spectrum is Tomoko Fuse's Origami Art: Works by a Modern Master that will be released by Tuttle on May 19. Authored by David Brill with a preface by Hideto Fuse and introduction by Robert Lang, this is a book for true origami aficionados. It promises to be a beautifully photographed and descriptive hardcover (Kindle format will also be available) filled with the three-dimensional geometric designs that Tomoko is famous for. Page through it and savor her remarkable work.

For the Love of Paper Botanicals book cover features paper cut foliage and printed note card

Granted, this last series from Lark Crafts does not require specific paper crafting skills, but it is a very neat concept... three themed collections of papers that include note cards, post cards, tags, stickers, washi tape, posters, gift wrap, and more designed by artists around the world. You simply tear out whatever strikes your fancy and put it to use. 
They are: For the Love of Paper Botanicals and For the Love of Paper Florals...both will be released on April 7, and the original For the Love of Paper that has been out since November and has earned a five star rating. All three titles sound like wonderful ways to keep us entertained for quite a while. I have my eye on the Botanical one... such pretty, on-trend designs!

Stay safe and be well, everyone. We'll get through this.

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