New Quilling Mobile Game and Quilling YouTube Channel

I have two exciting launches within the quilling world to tell you about today. Well-known paper artist Yulia Brodskaya of ArtYulia just launched the first-ever quilling mobile game app, Paper Mingle. It features her colorful, tactile art within which players merge identical paper tiles to solve tasks. Search for "Paper Mingle" at Google Play or the Apple App Store, download it for free, and give it a whirl!


mobile game app image shows an array of colorful flat discs of coiled paper

Yulia says that one of the main reasons behind the game is to reach an audience that otherwise wouldn't give much thought to paper crafting. "Let's face it: in relative terms not many people are familiar with quilling, and have no idea what they are missing. Paper Mingle will introduce our beloved craft to a whole new audience."


paper art mobile game shows path of pencil drawn circles, quilling strips, and leaves, hearts and letter Y made of paper strips


She created the game with three developer friends and considers her part the easy one. "I just quilled the images. It was my friends who worked their coding magic and made my pictures move and interact. We have been working on the game for over a year during our free time, so I've been eagerly anticipating sharing the news for quite a while. I learned so much during this process! It was totally new territory for me, but very exciting as well." Enjoy this little taste...



"So often I hear people say "Paper art/quilling, what is that?" in response to my attempt to explain what I do, so I even sneaked an explanation of the term quilling into the game. If you download it, see if you can spot it!" 

image of mobile game board shows colorful circular discs and floral on edge paper art
"My hope for Paper Mingle is to become a little gateway into quilling and paper craft. To help achieve such a long-distance goal it would be great if people who like the game would help to spread the word by leaving positive reviews on the app. Then it - and quilling - will be introduced to a wider audience."
mobile game app features colorful on edge paper art in shape of bow with success sign
The game is free to play, however, there are optional in-app items that can be purchased, such as boosters, new music tracks, additional moves or extra lives. Recommended for ages 4+. From the comments I've seen, adults are enjoying it too! Download to your phone or iPad and click on the push pin to get started.

Update 1-17-2020: If you are puzzled about how to play, it is similar to 2048. Yulia and her team are taking feedback seriously and are working to improve the game.
colorful rolled paper discs with white paper letters that spell paper mingle

And now for the second development... there's a new quilling YouTube channel in town! I first heard about it when Charlotte in Sydney, Australia let me know she'd just posted a video review of The Art of Quilling Paper Jewelry, my third book. Not only does Charlotte have kind words to say about it, but she shows several of her own designs created after learning to make jewelry via the projects. This was music to my ears, as it's always my goal to encourage quillers to develop a style all their own.



Charlotte's channel is unique in that it brings an especially thoughtful approach to quilling. In addition to how-to videos, she discusses aspects of creativity and will be interviewing quilling artists and reviewing more books on a regular basis. It just launched two weeks ago and already several videos have been posted. Have a look and subscribe to The Quilling Quarter. If you're on Instagram, you'll find Charlotte at @the_quilling_quarter.

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  1. I haven't checked out this app yet, but I loved reading more about it - thanks for sharing such good info with us, as always, Ann. I appreciate you and your efforts!!! <3

    1. I'm glad you enjoyed the post, Deb. It's somehow become my self-appointed mission to cover the background stories of the quilling world, lol.

    2. Thank God! It's wonderful to have knowledgeable, fresh insights into the art form we love so much, and that has had such a strong impact on our lives. You always find a wonderful way to spotlight interesting facets of a story - bless you!

    3. Aw thanks Deb, you're very kind.

  2. Thanks for your recent post on Pinterest regarding paper ornaments. One of them was perfect for a gift for a favorite cousin!

    1. That's so nice to hear, Wendy! Thanks for letting me know.

  3. Amazing game and fantastic design!


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