Vibrant Quilling Art by Dorsadaf Moinzad

I recently met paper quiller Dorsadaf Moinzad via Instagram and knew right away that you would enjoy an introduction to her story and varied designs. Like so many who are drawn to quilling, she was immediately mesmerized by the process after discovering it earlier this year, and has since been compelled to devote many hours to creating framed pieces, as well as launching a dedicated website.


quilled red floral design on alcohol ink background

I asked Dorsadaf to introduce herself and to tell us about her background... it's an interesting one! I admire the way she is finding a new path while experimenting by combining paper strips with other mediums, such the photo above in which she used alcohol inks on Yupo to create a vivid mottled background. 


quilled on edge figure with ginkgo leaves

"I am a Los Angeles-based Iranian artist who moved to the States in 2009 from Tehran and have lived in California ever since. I went to school at the University of California San Diego and graduated with a B.S. in Mathematics and Computer Science."

on edge colorful looped paper design

"Even though I loved my major at first, by the time I finished school I didn’t see myself going into the corporate world to work behind a desk. As a result, I started my own business as a management consultant."


quilled semi-circle mandala on canvas 

"Thanks to Pinterest, I began quilling not too long ago in June of 2020 and even though it has only been six months, I feel the change that it has made in my life. It has given me a purpose."


quilled multicolor art piece

"It was, of course, just a hobby at first... a pleasant way to spend time during the pandemic. The response I got from others encouraged me to do more and to start sharing with others as well."


precise quilled heart design in progress

"The funny thing is that I never drew or painted when I was younger, nor had I even though of myself as artistic. I don’t know where it came from, but suddenly it is all I want to do when I come home from work each day."


pastel quilled heart design


"If I'm not dealing with my job and the craziness of life, I am in my home studio designing, sketching, and creating something new."


 rolled paper art collage

"I work several hours every night in order to finish my pieces and seem to have endless ideas that I would like to incorporate into new ones."


black and white portrait of young woman with long hair
self portrait

Dorsadaf is offering a generous Instagram giveaway now through Saturday, December 12 as a way of celebrating the quilling art that she admits has taken over her life. One winner from the U.S. or Canada will be able to select a piece of their choice with a value of $250 or less from the ones that are shown on her website, DSDM Quilling.

square colorful framed paper art pieces

Follow along with Dorsadaf's latest designs via Instagram, @dsdmquilling and Facebook, @dsdmgallery. She also has an Etsy shop, DSDMGallery.


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  1. Thanks for sharing the information on this up and coming, dedicated quiller - beautiful works!

  2. Wow! It's amazing to note how much she's accomplished in just six months. She will surely do great stuff as time goes by. Best wishes for a bright future in quilling.


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