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Origamist Christine Kirk of Paper Meditations was in the Artist Spotlight here at All Things Paper last month and later wrote to tell me she has a new folded paper wall art design that you can easily make via a tutorial (and four sheets of scrapbook paper!) that is listed in her Etsy shop... just in time to freshen up your home for spring or to give as a Mother's Day gift.


folded floral patterned paper wreath

Enjoy this look at the variety of origami wall art Christine created recently while she tells us how she goes about designing with paper.

modular origami wall art

"To explain my process in a nutshell I would say that I play with paper! Just ask my family about this. If I am within arm’s length of a piece of paper, then I am probably folding it. Napkins, receipts, and those paper place mats you get in a diner are all fair game.


vivid modular origami wall art

Paper naturally does cool things. Remember when you were a kid in school and you were taught how to make a paper lantern? You just needed to cut a few straight lines into a folded piece of construction paper and tape it together. That was magical to me! I just want to continue to experience that magic through my own designs.


framed paper sculpture wall art

Since paper is my medium, my process usually begins with scraps or sheets and no idea of what I am about to make! I cut, twist, bend, fold and tape it as I look for something that excites me. This feeling is hard to put into words but I know it when I see it. I consider the shapes and the structures as well as light and shadows. Eventually a form emerges that I see potential in.


framed, all-white modular origami wall art

If I think a form, called a module, will make a dynamic pattern then I will construct a number of them and play around with their arrangement. It is possible that more than one of these arrangements will be worth pursuing so I take photos to remind me. This rearranging process can also be done on a computer with photos of the modules. 


pink flower-like modular origami wall art

If the form is not going to make a pattern, I will try to find another way to use it, possibly as a flower petal or something else. Sometimes my goal is to see what I can create with a single sheet of paper. Many times, new ideas arise while I am creating a piece. I can be inspired by leftover scraps or mistakes so I put them aside to explore at a later time. 


circular, fish-like paper sculpture design on mat board


After I decide on a pattern, flower, or single sheet design, the piece is created from my favorite papers. I choose a color palette of my liking and use glue instead of tape for lasting durability. I document the process with photos and save my original experimental scraps in zipper bags so that I will have a way to recreate the piece. I have learned from experience that I don’t always remember.


modular origami wreath made with floral patterned paper

Skills I learned as a graphic designer have come in handy as a paper artist. Being meticulous and detail oriented is a great help too. Not all of my ideas come from physically playing with paper. Sometimes ideas come to me while working out, laying in bed or driving! I don’t always know what will result from the idea but that is the fun of trying!


smiling woman seated at desk with paper craft supplies

For me, being a paper artist is like being an explorer. When I make a discovery, I want to share it. How to share it requires a lot decisions on colors and sizes and adding things that will enhance a piece. Technically, there are often many roadblocks to overcome as well, but the frustrations are worth it when a piece is done and I can finally share my discovery."

origami floral paper wreath hanging on wooden door

And now a WORLDWIDE giveaway [ENDED]: To celebrate Christine's newest design that is available as an Etsy downloadable tutorial, she will be sending two pre-made floral paper wreaths anywhere in the world - one from entries on this post and one from Instagram entries.
To enter to win this folded paper wreath (17"or 43.2cm diameter; 1" or 2.5cm depth):
1. Leave a comment on this post now through Saturday, May 1, 2021 and 
2. Sign up for to receive occasional news via the sign up box located at the bottom of the Paper Meditations home page.

floral modular origami wreath detail
Here's an Etsy shop review by customer Janelle should you choose to make a wreath:
Directions were easy to follow and it turned out super cool! Was much easier than I thought - looks like it’d be complicated but it’s not! - so you can impress your friends :) I would definitely purchase and follow more tutorials!
Because I'm unable to see the email address you type in first on the comment form, you will need to type it a second time within your comment to be notified if you win. If spam is a concern, type it this way: janedoe at gmail dot com. If you prefer not to include your email in your comment, be sure to check back on this post before May 16, 2021 to see if you've won and to claim your prize. 
Two chances to win! An international Paper Meditations giveaway of the same wreath, but made with a different spring-patterned paper is underway on Instagram. Yes, you may enter both places to double your chances, but can only win once.

Winners will be chosen via a random number generator - one from blog entries and one on Instagram - notified, and announced at the bottom of this post and on Instagram on Sunday, May 2, 2021.
See additional 3D paper sculptures by Christine Kirk via the Paper Meditations website and her Etsy shop. She is on TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook.
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  1. Oh goodness what fun paper is. These are wonderful.

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  3. Paper Meditations. What an appropriate name for Christine's art!

  4. This is so cool! I'd love to hang this up in my home.

  5. I have always loved paper and to see the possibilities shown by Paper Meditations is super exciting.

  6. These are just fabulous! I am definitely going to create a wreath using the tutorial. Thanks!


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