12 Best Paper Craft Kits and Printables for the Holidays and Beyond

If you like craft kits as much as I do, here's a tip... everything we're hearing this fall is that holiday shipping will be extra slow, thus this round up is earlier than I would ordinarily begin featuring ideas. If you'd like to receive a kit in time for November and December card making, decorating, and gift making, it's probably best to not tarry.


swirly on-edge quilled Christmas tree on white backing board

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Have you heard of Uniquilling? This is a new-to-me site that stocks an array of on-edge quilling kits that make it possible for you to recreate the design exactly using the included backing board that has laser cut slots into which you insert and glue quilling strips.


Think of it as paint by number quilling! I watched a process video and was impressed with the result, although it was apparent that the technique takes a certain amount of practice (but then what doesn't?) [update: Uniquilling is now on Amazon too; some kits offer Prime shipping.]

colorfully printed tiny box Advent calendar


Versatile crafter and calligrapher Emily Dawe created this Advent calendar composed of cute fillable paper boxes that you print at home or take to your local print shop where they can do it for you on heavy card stock. She also offers it as a pre-printed kit for UK residents. 


Think of the fun your littles will have arranging the boxes into an ever expanding village as December days go by.

3D Bristol board church model with rose window displayed next to white pitcher containing evergreen branches and candy canes


Carol Fisher of Holiday Spirits Decor, a recognized Etsy Top Shop for Gifts, has been busy designing new paper (actually sturdy Bristol board) putz houses, churches, and village kits to add to her already beautiful selection. Just one example... how sweet is this rose window church


Carol shared her step-by-step putz house glitter and snow tutorial so you can make your mantel look like a dreamy winter wonderland.

red and red and white crepe paper chrysanthemums with tied stems

Star Seller Kristen Flora of Etsy shop Campbell Workshop has both kits and digital files for making exquisite crepe paper flowers, as well as...

crepe paper reindeer ornament with big eyes and red button nose

...this cute paper craft reindeer ornament [no longer available; contact Kristen to inquire]. It is available in kit format and can be made as a bear if you prefer. The shop also features a colorful selection of high quality crepe paper, paint, pastels, and glue - the kinds that Kristen uses to make her own exceptional flowers.

cyanotype sun print kit with ferns


Carla of Elemental Leaf in Australia has a range of beautiful solar printing kits and has sold so many of them they're an Etsy's Pick! Cyanotype is definitely on trend, so enjoy getting on board with the easy and nearly instant gratification process. 


As Carla says, it's the magic of science, art and nature all rolled into one, and I might add, an ideal stocking stuffer for older kids on summer recess Down Under.


contents of Christmas card iris folded ornament kit including metallic stickers, papers, template, and instructions

When I first featured Pretty in Paper By B several months back, iris folding appealed to many of you. I'm happy to say that since then Bethan has been busy designing all sorts of Christmas-themed digital patterns and kits.


 Iris folding Christmas ornament card


I think this ornament is my very favorite (available in both kit and PDF formats), and you'll also find a tree, snow globe, stocking, snowflake, and reindeer in the Christmas PDF and Kits section of the shop.


contents of pressed leaves paper making kit

Grazina of Etsy shop Mana Monai (a Star Seller) has assembled a paper making kit that teaches her special method for embedding leaves and flowers that results in thin, slightly glossy and light permeable decorative paper sheets through which the plant material can be seen quite clearly. 


Shipping is included in the purchase price... something that always appeals to me.

six small 3D shaggy dog paper sculptures

Sydney Lee of Unique Lee Art makes adorable paper mache dog and cat sculptures for which she accepts custom orders. However, if you prefer to do the crafting yourself, Sydney has a written a detailed tutorial that can be adapted to create most non-curly dog breeds. She also sells separate kits for making three types of cats and four different dogs.

boxed bookbinding kit surrounded by colorful handbound books


Alison Kaplan of Kata Golda in Washington has a beautiful Etsy shop for which she creates many kits that mainly feature fabric stitching. However, if you've always wanted to learn to do bookbinding, her kit looks lovely. Free shipping too. 

three modern folded paper vases containing teasels displayed on table

Éric Francois frequently creates new low poly PDF printable designs to keep his Ecogami Shop fresh and inviting. I love this set of stylish paper vases, plus there are two additional sets that are equally cool. He has a neat Christmas wreath pattern too.

Note: Ecogami Shop is also on Etsy.


pair of quilled paper avocado earrings displayed on white card

Lastly, here's both a kit and a giveaway if you act before October 24 [ENDED]. Sign up to receive Charlotte Marshall's The Quilling Quarter newsletter and in return she will email downloadable instructions to make these whimsical avocado earrings and a brooch. You'll also be entered (with your permission) to win one of 20(!) kits that include supplies to make 'em.


And yes, if you sign up for the newsletter after October 24, 2021 you will still receive the free pattern.

The Quilling Quarter rolled paper logo

Special thanks to my newsletter readers who alerted me to a few of these happy finds. To be clear, I haven't seen any of these particular kits or patterns in person. I recommend paying close attention to reviews before purchase to make sure they have been vetted by satisfied customers.


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  1. I love these craft kits. My favorite thing to make is little houses so I made my first Advent paper village this year. I find I have so much fun making houses with paper of any sort.

    Thank you for sharing your love of paper crafting with us. Your posts are always inspirational.

    1. Thank you, Lucy! It's comments like yours that keep me going. Happy making!


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