12 Examples of Enticing Paper Jewelry

It's time for another paper jewelry post because I've come across more artists who are making such pretty treasures that I don't want to keep them to myself! Enjoy a look at designs created by six talented artisans whose work I hope you'll find as imaginative as I do.


Laura Finestres in Barcelona, Spain creates bracelets like this beauty that is included in her GIRAFFA Collection. Made of paper paste, pigments, acrylic paint, silk, trimmings, and ribbons, it's a true art piece.


colorful textile and paper pulp coiled bracelet

And how unique is this Little Garden wrap bracelet? It falls into zero waste and eco-friendly categories as do all of her creations. Reach Laura via her website or send her a direct message on Instagram where she is @laurafinestres_jewels.


model wearing leafy rose paper pulp bracelet

Jessica Mattingly, @jazzi_paper on Instagram, lives in Washington state. Via messages back and forth, I could tell that she thrives on the process of folding paper and enjoys using her skills to create wearable and home accessories that are as pretty as they are useful.

Jessica makes attractive earrings with three and four-fold origami beads in a number of different styles.. this pair is what led me to strike up our conversation.


two-bead origami purple dangle earrings with silver hooks

All of the paper is satin-varnished for added durability, water resistance, and to help preserve the color.
If you have a look at Jessica's IG feed (she can be reached via DM), don't miss the beautiful thread-wrapped eggs that she makes too. If you would rather contact her via email, the address is: jlmattingly19 at gmail.com 
mint green triangular bead origami earrings

Nikitha Yelchuru in San Jose, California is finding quite a lot of success selling her quilled earrings on Etsy. Frankly, this is no surprise because she creates appealing designs and her technique is precise.


colorful circular quilled marquise coil paper earrings with silver hooks


Edging the marquise coils with colored strips adds so much visual interest to this pair of Flower of Life earrings! By the way, she offers free shipping and your choice of surgical steel or sterling silver hooks or clip-on style.


For quillers who have wondered what product works well to protect their paper jewelry, note that Nikitha sells the sealant that she personally uses to give water resistance to her work.


Nikitha's Etsy shop is Paper Sweetly and she is @papersweetly on Instagram. (Side note: If you're an avocado fan or know one, then check out this cute pair of avocado earrings.) 

striped oval quilled paper dangle earrings with posts

You have to love the attention-getting slogan of Etsy shop Degna Jewelry... Hand painted paper jewelry with a high vibe! Artist Heidi in Hagerstown, Maryland goes on to say that the inks she uses have been treated with word vibration energy. 


vivid blue and green painted paper square earrings with silver square posts

Now I'm not sure what that means exactly, but I do know that the cut paper shapes and the vivid ink and acrylic paints she uses to create her line of water resistant earrings definitely make them eye-catching.  

red and orange hand painted paper interlocking circle dangle earrings


Visit Degna Jewelry and see Heidi's feed on Instagram where she is @degna_jewelry



By the way, if you click on Etsy purchase reviews, not only can you read the customer opinions, but you can also see the item that the reviewer purchased by clicking on its name. That way if something catches your eye that isn't in the shop, you can ask the owner if they are able to create a similar piece for you.

Emily Banks of Paper Rose Crafts in London, England makes truly lovely pulped paper jewelry with components that originate as waste paper. Not only that, but she upcycles things like old painted brass poles. Via hammering, filing, sanding and polishing, Emily is able to turn dingy metal into shiny components that she uses as findings to complete her pieces.


copper and paper slip necklace with fine silver chain displayed in kraft cardboard box

She strives to keep her processes eco-friendly and sustainable, often using recycled silver as earring hooks for example, and all glues and finishes are non-toxic. In addition, even her packaging is recycled, upcycled, or biodegradable.


Emily of Paper Rose Crafts is on Instagram @paper.rose.crafts.


diamond shaped gold flecked paper earrings with silver hooks

I spotted the very pretty paper jewelry made by graphic designer Bruna in Puglia, Italy on Instagram where her feed is called @things_of_paper and she can be contacted via direct message if you would like to make an inquiry.


Her stylish Roof Series is offered in many color choices and each earrings is constructed with six layers of glued paper that is treated for water resistance.


rectangular paper earrings with multiple narrow buildings design and circular metal hoops adorned with small beads


I just love the simplicity of these pretty leaf-shaped pairs that Bruna describes as small drops of paper and resin with a silver finish.  

selection of leaf-shaped earrings in various colors displayed on black boxes


You'll find Bruna on Instagram, @things_of_paper.

The Washi Tape Shop Independence Day advertising flyer shows rolls of plant themed washi tape and fireworks images

To my fellow Americans, have a great holiday weekend!



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