Paper Snowflakes for the Whole Family

Here's a very nice idea for decking the halls this holiday season... creator and author Robert P. Kelley messaged me to introduce his three new books that feature cut paper snowflake templates. Before you think, "I already know how to do that", let me say he has fine-tuned the process so children as young as three will be thrilled with the results of their handiwork. And by the same token, snowflake cutting can be just as satisfying at age 103!

cover of Paper Snowflakes for the Whole Family book with black text and colorful snowflake examples


Robert's first four books about paper snowflakes sold over 1,300,000 copies in the 1990s. These new titles reinvent the genre with attractive templates organized by progressive levels of paper folding and cutting. Each folding pattern builds on the previous one. 


All of the newest books are available on Amazon:


Paper Snowflakes For the Whole Family 108 templates for ages 3 to 103; photocopy the pages; hardcover or paperback.


Paper Snowflakes For Kids! 52 templates; photocopy the pages; paperback.


Paper Snowflakes Made EZ PZ 26 templates; remove pages, fold, and cut out; paperback.


back cover of Paper Snowflakes for the Whole Family shows author's photo and bio, and twelve examples of age-appropriate paper snowflake templates


The process is easy... photocopy or trace the template (so the book pages can be used again and again), fold, and cut. Whether you're decorating for a December wedding or just want a minimally messy craft to do with the family, you're bound to enjoy the results of your efforts. Here's a great little video with examples to show how it's done.




Suspend a winter wonderland from the ceiling, tape them on your windows, or string as a garland to bring the outdoors in all season long.


cover of Paper Snowflakes for Kids book shows black text with colorful paper snowflakes

Don't be deterred because the books are self-published. Robert sent me a copy of Paper Snowflakes For the Whole Family, so having seen it firsthand, I can assure you it is a professional, high-quality, and well-written book. As I said to him, Great timing as this is when people are looking for gift ideas.... and what fab presents these books would make. 


Who wouldn't enjoy a relaxing project on a cold winter evening? There are quite a few heart designs... make Valentine decorations!


cover of Paper Snowflakes Made EZ PZ book with black text and colorful papercut snowflake examples 


Whether you have children or grandchildren, they'll get caught up in the fun of folding, cutting, and decorating. Older kids may enjoy applying a bit of bling... these stick-on crystals make for a glam blizzard. 


two white papercut snowflakes mounted on bright paper circles and decorated with colorful crystals

 two white papercut snowflakes mounted on bright paper circles and decorated with colorful crystals

The simplest patterns will help preschoolers develop finger dexterity while getting used to scissor cutting.


open snowflake template book with two colorful paper snowflake examples placed on top


While a flurry of all-white snowflakes is undeniably elegant, Robert suggests that children will be drawn to jazzy Astrobrights Colored Paper, examples of which you can see in some of these photos... he sent me quite a few sample snowflakes.


bright green paper snowflake atop a book page that shows instructions and corresponding template

 open snowflake book on table with vivid pink papercut snowflake placed on the page


He also recommends Fiskars scissors. This set of three pairs with a softgrip would be nice for adults, teens, and older children. Judging by positive reviews, very young children will enjoy this pair.


six pairs of colorful Fiskars scissors for various ages

Here's a full sample page so you can see the simplicity of the instructions:

example papercut snowflake template with printed instructions



Because I don't have young children or grandchildren in my family at this time, I'd love to send the autographed book and snowflake samples that Robert sent to me to one of you. 


Deck the halls with paper snowflakes!


colorful array of paper snowflakes on table


All you have to do to enter is leave a comment on this blog post along with your email address. I'll use random dot org to choose a winner this weekend and will notify the lucky recipient. Good luck!


If you'd like a taste of Robert's designs, he has an Etsy shop where you can purchase 12 instant download, printable snowflake templates at a very reasonable cost.

Congratulations to the winner, Cindy LaFreniere!


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  1. How fun. It's been ages since I've made paper snowflakes.

  2. These books look like so much fun! The little person at my house would enjoy making snowflakes very much!
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  3. Thanks for the opportunity to win. (It's snowing for the first time as I write this!) mm srygley at g mail dot com

  4. I have been following you since dial up .. you were the one who started me on Quilling .. keep it up girlfriend

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  20. Did you know that even adults with autism or learning disabilities enjoy cutting shapes out of paper?!

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