BiblioBotany: Meaningful Paper Flower Arrangements

Dr. Lisa Meek of BiblioBotany in Ohio creates stunning floral arrangements composed of upcycled book pages that she transforms into a profusion of realistic blooms. As a physician who specializes in cosmetic and restorative medicine, it's evident that her interest in artistry extends beyond that of the human form to the beauty and language of natural plants. 


colorful formal paper flower arrangement containing book on round wood base

Lisa was a painter earlier in her art career, but chose to take a slower approach to creating after realizing that "due to digital accessibility and bombardment of images, our eyes see things fast and the brain says 'next?' I wanted to make something 3D that could still relay expressions and content. I love books, and flowers have their own language, so it seemed a good fit." 


cluster of purple, yellow, and orange wildflowers

Often when we see handmade paper flowers they are perfect crepe paper replicas of a hot house variety, whereas Lisa's have a naturalness about them, as if an armful has just been gathered from a wildflower meadow or cutting garden and brought inside to be thoughtfully arranged. 

paper flower arrangement with blossoms in yellow, blue, orange, purple, white


I asked Lisa if she had experience in creating floral arrangements prior to beginning her paper flower journey. She replied, "Just a gardener with an artistic eye."


paper replica of white orchid plant with exposed roots appears to grow from hardback book cover

As for the making process, pages are removed from the binding, coated on both sides with translucent paint through which text can be read, and then cut and shaped into realistic plants. Lastly, Lisa positions them to create a sculpture into which the book itself is incorporated. 

paper sculpture of The Golden Cage hardback book with cover cut out to show profusion of colorful paper flowers inside behind golden paper bars


A great deal of thought goes into selecting the book from which plants appear to grow. She chooses the flowers or even weeds (as they have merit too) with purpose due to their symbolic nature. (Curious? Have a look at this updated primer on the meanings of flowers.) 


paper sculpture wisteria tree standing in corner of room

close up of sculpted book page blossoms painted in shades of purple


Here is an example of a title correlating with the plant life... spiked cacti spring from this Weaponized arrangement, displayed on an open copy of Invisible Wounds of War, as seen at The Cleveland Botanical Gardens in 2018. 


paper sculpture of two colorful cacti flower arrangements positioned on back of open hardback book

She participated in Art on Paper, New York City, September 2022, and her work will be shown at Fremin Gallery in Chelsea, New York City this spring, opening April 6, 2023.

clear glass bell jar containing colorful paper flower potpourri positioned on hardcover American Sign Language Dictionary


The photo below was taken this winter at Phipps Conservatory and Botanical Gardens in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania where a BiblioBotany exhibit is on display through March 12. It features sculptures that pertain to environmental protection. For those who live in the area - this Sunday, March 5, meet Lisa from 1-3 PM in the Phipps Welcome Center Gallery. 


smiling woman in black cardigan and bright floral blouse standing next to sign explaining BiblioBotany museum exhibit

Dr. Lisa Meek's website is BiblioBotany. She is on Instagram, @lemeekart, and can be reached via email: lemeek123 at

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  1. Wow! Those are fascinating, such detail. I wonder when this woman sleeps, I would guess it would be a full time job creating those masterpieces.

    1. I had the same thought, Anon! Many hours must go into each arrangement.


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