Fine-Tip Quilling Tool Comparison and New Quilled Earrings

Earlier this year I showed how to make a variety of quilled earrings with metallic edge paper. Since then I've made a few more styles using the same technique. While quilling the latest batch of components, I had a chance to try out a new-to-me quilling tool that turned out to be a happy surprise! It is a most satisfactory dupe for my all-time favorite fine-tip tool, which has become difficult to purchase from Japan the past few years.


two fine-tip slotted quilling tools shown with their respective safety caps


After I featured 1mm quilling done by Lisa Haas of Etsy quilling supply shop CustomQuillingByLisa this past spring, she kindly sent me samples of the fine-tip JUYA tool she sells, along with two types of unique quilling strips that she also carries... imported 1mm strips, as well as Canson Mi-Teintes Ultra Premium paper strips that she personally cuts from large sheets. Her shop is the only U.S. supplier of these types of quilling strips and it is also where you can buy the JUYA fine-tip tool.


flat lay of packaged quilling strips and set of two tools

The beauty of a fine-tip tool is that the center crimp that results from the slot is barely noticeable in a rolled coil. Lisa recommends the JUYA tool be used with the 1mm 80gsm and even the 1mm 160gsm strips, but not with the thicker Canson strips. 


Because the steel prongs are quite thin in comparison to ordinary slotted tools, any fine-tip tool must be handled with extra care. It should not be dropped or pushed past its limit when rolling as this can cause the prongs to break. The cap should be in place when the tool is not being used.

close up of two fine-tip quilling tools with two example domed tight coils positioned between them

As you can see in the comparison photo above, the prongs on the tool on the right (Lisa's tool) flare out ever so slightly. They are also made of steel that is not as strong as the Japanese tool prongs, shown on the left. However, this doesn't affect the performance of the less expensive tool. The example coils, one from each tool, are identical in overall size, as are their centers.


I did not use 1mm strips to make my coils. Instead, I used 3mm strips of metallic edge quilling paper from JJ Quilling Design in England (which is no longer in business). The fine-tip JUYA tool had no problem handling the strips. 


The JJ metallic edge strips are no longer available, at least not in the wide selection of colors that the company made available, however, two U.S. suppliers offer the remaining JJ stock, so you might get lucky and find the colors you need at Quilling Supply and Hunter Creek Crafts


Alternatively, purchase metallic edge strips sold by U.S.-based Quilled Creations, which are equal in quality to the JJ strips.

I wouldn't recommend trying to roll Lisa's Canson strips on any type of fine-tip tool as the paper weight is heavier which would put too much stress on the prongs. The sturdiness of Canson strips makes them ideal for on-edge quilled designs.


pair of gold-edge ivory quilled earrings with ear wires.

As for my new earrings, I recently finished this pair that I call an ode to Orla Kiely as the design kind of/sort of resembles her beloved linear Stem print from 25 years ago that has been seen on everything from fabric to London buses.

two gold-edge ivory quilled earring designs shown with jewelry pliers

This past weekend while trying to decide on another earring style, I posed the question to those who look at my Instagram Stories. The rounded design came out ahead.


screenshot of Instagram Story question about quilled earring designs

I'm currently doing the final gluing... no promises that the rounded design will look just like the photo as I'm famous for making changes along the way, but once they're done, I'll add a picture to this post.

So this is the end result... yes, I got a bit carried away and wound up making them larger than any other pair to date - nearly 2 inches across. I just wish the golden shine would show up in the photo as it really adds to the overall look.



pair of gold-edge ivory quilled earrings with ear wires

Below are the earrings I featured in my tutorial a few months ago along with the Orla-inspired pair. If you would like to learn to make this type of quilled earrings, click on over. Whenever I wear them, no one guesses they're made of paper - such a great conversation starter!


flat lay of four pairs of metallic edge quilled earrings

FYI: Lisa Haas offers both 80gsm and 160gsm 1mm strips in her Etsy shop and also has a new 78-color line of 1mm 120gsm strips that are available on her website. During the month of July, Canson strips are 15% off and 1mm strips are 10% off on Etsy. A sale is also underway at The Paper Quilling Shop.  

EDIT: It has come to my attention since this post went live that Amazon now sells a set of four of the JUYA fine tip tool in the U.S. and Canada, and perhaps in other countries as well.

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