Paper Jewelry with a Vibrant Burst of Color from Biju Jewellery

Have you ever wondered about the many ways paper circles can be transformed into stylish contemporary jewelry pieces? Perhaps not, but I can assure you that Natalie Itinov of Biju Jewellery in London has already put a great deal of thought into this very question. The result is a boutique company for which she creates delightfully dynamic paper jewelry that's sure to be noticed.


array of slightly curved colorful paper discs scattered across tabletop.


Each style of boho necklace or pair of earrings that Natalie designs for her cohesive collection is composed of color-rich recycled paper and recycled sterling silver or silver plated copper findings. Thus, Biju Jewellery is hypoallergenic, sustainable, eco-conscious, and 100% recyclable.


eight solid color necklaces composed of vivid punched paper discs with silver ball clasp.

Statement necklaces fasten with attractive magnetic clasps.  



Natalie relies on a mechanical press for punching, but the task isn't as easy as it sounds because the press must be manually operated and is only able to cut a couple of circles at a time. She describes the process as therapeutic. 


I admire the way the roughly textured disc edges adds to the jewelry's appeal.


circular earring composed of orange paper discs with silver findings displayed with similar earrings in an array of colors.

Everything about Biju Jewellery is handmade - even the smart packaging that Natalie hand folds. And all of the pieces are water-resistant so they will be fine to wear on a rainy day... just don't take them for a swim or shower!


stacks of small folded paper boxes with printed gear design on cover.


I asked Natalie to tell us about herself, including why and when her interest in using paper to make jewelry developed.


smiling young female model with painted face and hand wearing half hoop pink earring composed of paper discs. 


I started using paper while in university during earning my degree as an illustrator. [University of the Arts, London] I was really interested in book arts and book binding, and this is where my love for paper developed. 


colorful assortment of square paper disc earrings with silver wires.


The course I was on offered a very wide range of creative opportunities so I always found it interesting to experiment. My creative process was very fluid - from illustration and book binding to jewellery and small sculptures. Eventually, my work developed into a combination of all the things I was interested in. 


pair of red paper disc earrings atop a vast number of punched red paper discs.


My love for jewellery must have been my first love... starting from a very young age crawling under my dad’s jewellery bench looking for small gems and other treasures he occasionally dropped. 


 coiled necklace with silver clasp composed of blue, turquoise, and green paper discs.


Later, I started helping him in his craft and doing casting and polishing. I remember my father always encouraging me to come up with my own jewellery designs and to sketch and build them out of paper first, so you can see how the two always intertwined in my creative process as far back as I remember. 


 pair of snake-shaped red and orange paper earrings composed of colorful discs displayed on wooden snake.

Biju Jewellery was born many years later, but somehow feels like it was slowly growing for a long time. 


 pair of earrings composed of yellow, turquoise, and navy blue stacked paper circles with silver findings.


I am currently working with a few shops and galleries in London and across the UK, and I am trying to develop my brand further and really connect with my crowd and my customer. 


 vivid paper necklace of tightly strung discs in shades of pink.


I recently started an Etsy shop in an attempt to have more personal contact with customers. Only a small business owner will understand the joy each order brings and the true creative drive it creates in a maker. 


 young female model with straight red hair wearing colorful face paint and a delicate earring made of stacked lime green paper discs that hang from silver chains.


My plan for the next year is quite an adventurous one. I am planning on taking a sabbatical from my full-time job as a watchmaker and going back to doing some training with my father in Bulgaria before he is ready to retire. 


This is a very exciting moment for me that will allow me to put Biju first and give my little brand the best chance I can for it to grow.


hand holding a Biju Jewellery business card with paper earrings displayed in background.

All Things Paper readers, please enjoy 20% off your purchase at the Biju Jewellery website with code ATP20. If making a purchase via the Biju Jewellery Etsy shop, use this code, also for a 20% discount. 


smiling young woman holding bright, circular necklace composed of green and blue discs.


Follow along with Natalie's newest work on Instagram at Biju Jewellery or on Facebook.

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