Elegant New Paper Jewelry Styles from Mayumi Origami

Longtime readers will be familiar with the stylish origami jewelry made by Renata Mayumi Fukuda in Leipzig, Germany as I've featured her fine work a number of times here on the blog. She wrote to introduce the newest styles and patterned papers that have been added to her Etsy shop, Mayumi Origami, and I knew immediately that I wanted to share them with you.... they're just so chic, not to mention perfectly folded.

pair of patterned paper square origami earrings in shades of aqua, yellow, green, and purple with golden hoop findings

Mayumi's best seller earrings - Mosaic Hoop, Mini Mosaic Hoop, Iris Hoop, and Bead Hoop - are now available with high quality stainless steel 16mm lightweight hoops that feature an easy click closure for absolute maximum comfort and security. 


close up of small square origami earring with hoop finding, made with patterned paper in shades of black, green, gold, and orange hanging on model's earlobe


The original size Mosaic earring features a shiny (silver or goldtone) stud finding that I've always admired because its flat, yet cube-like design is so unique. I'm happy to say this style is still offered in addition to the new hoop option.


pair of peach and silver-grey folded floral patterned paper origami earrings displayed on backing card

Choose hoops or studs for the Mosaic, Mini Mosaic, Iris, and Bead styles.


origami bead drop earring made of folded black and gold patterned paper shown on model's earlobe

In Mayumi's shop intro, she explains that when she first decided to become a full-time jewelry designer in 2016, she strove to "challenge myself to create unconventional designs and to break the stigma of paper being such a fragile material. I had to prove that, if finely crafted, Origami paper jewelry could not only be appealing, but also durable." 


blue circular origami paper earring with silvertone hoop worn by model with long dark hair


I can assure you that it is both appealing and durable. I've often given Mayumi Origami jewelry to friends and family as gifts and they're always wowed. In fact, when I went to a birthday party last spring, I gave my friend Mosaics and they received many oohs and ahhs from her and the other attendees who passed them around the big table so everyone could get a closer look. 


square green mosaic origami paper earring with golden hoop finding on model


Mayumi has added two exclusive Chiyogami patterned papers to the line, as shown below. The first is just right for pastel lovers.

pair of pastel patterned paper square mosaic origami earrings with silvertone cube findings

And the other has me thinking of abstract foliage in green, purple, golden yellow, and turquoise.

pair of patterned paper square origami earrings in shades of aqua, yellow, green, and purple with golden cube findings

Additional new offerings are an Iris, Mosaic, Mini Mosaic, or Bead Hoop Jewelry Set, each composed of a pair of bestseller earrings with a matching necklace pendant... you'll save 10%.


set of blue origami circular necklace pendant on silver chain and pair of matching paper earrings with silvertone earwires 

The high quality necklace chain is 18 inches (45cm) with the option of silver/stainless steel or gold plated stainless steel.

black, gold, and orange set of origami paper necklace and earring pair  

I'm always impressed by all that Mayumi accomplishes... she is one organized gal who works alone managing production, creating each jewelry piece by hand. Everything in the shop is ready to ship in an array of paper choices. And she handles packaging, shipping, and answering customer's questions, along with photography and social media posts... that's a lot! 


colorful origami patterned paper choices represented by mosaic origami squares

 Which paper is your favorite?


She mentioned to me that a new website is underway, as well as a complete rebranding, both of which will launch in the spring. I already admire her present day classy packaging and the ease of ordering via Etsy, but I can't wait to see what's next for Mayumi Origami.


collage of four cropped model headshots, each wearing a different style of patterned paper origami jewelry, three earrings and one necklace

 several additional jewelry styles


Visit Etsy shop Mayumi Origami and follow Mayumi on Instagram and/or Facebook. Note that all shop items are currently offered with FREE Delivery now through December 31, 2023.

smiling young woman in plant-filled room with paper supplies on table in front of her

 Mayumi Fukuda

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