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Back in the days of yore when I was thinking I might shop around another book of quilling projects to publishers, I came up with a batch of quilled cards to have at the ready. The idea was abandoned when I got too busy with other things and so I have a boxful of completed projects that have rarely seen the light of day... it's high time that changed!

three quilled all occasion greeting cards displayed on wooden table


Even though this blog is about all things paper, there's no overlooking the fact that a majority of its readers have a dedicated interest in quilling. In keeping with the time honored expression of "Give the people what they want" I plan to do just that by featuring a neglected card design every now and then.


blue and lavender quilled card with corrugated background paper


The posts most likely won't include tutorials, but as anyone who has been quilling for a while can tell you, you don't need step-by-step instructions that specify things like, "Use a 3" strip of 1/8" black quilling paper"... instead, you know how to replicate a design by simply looking at a close up photo. (If you're a new quiller who is shaking your head at this madcap statement, trust me, it's true!)

handmade pink greeting card featuring three quilled pink and lavender butterflies placed on patterned paper background and decorated with fibrous yarn


So, consider these ideas just that... ideas that you learn from or ideas that give you enjoyment while you replicate them. Feel free to take inspiration from the pictures or take the whole design and use it as a learning tool. Copy it exactly as total relaxation or change things up and make it your own. Whatever makes you happy! 


What makes me happy is introducing others to paper quilling and seeing them develop creative confidence while expanding their skills. Also, drawing traffic to this site is important... I rely on advertiser and affiliate income to support my small business rather than selling what I make.


square, wordless greeting card with scrolled background floral embossing, decorated with three pink and lavender butterflies placed on torn mulberry paper

I realize not all quillers agree with my enthusiasm for giving away ideas so freely. Thus, I caution you to always ask permission directly from the person who created a design. And if you are granted permission, be sure to give credit if/when you share your version of their design. 


detail of three pink and lavender quilled butterflies


A few extras:


A tutorial and more examples of creating a card border and mitering corners using quilling strips (as shown on the square white card) are featured in two posts: here and here.


The rectangular blue and white card was originally featured in this tutorial.


The square butterfly card was originally featured in this post that gives a bit of background on its making along with quilling tips. 

I printed out the pink patterned background paper from this wallpaper site. Open a sample book of any style of paper to find a pattern that's just right for your project. Important: do not sell items you make that have been decorated with the wallpapers as you could be violating copyright laws.

See 50+ more of my quilled card designs in this album of Handmade Cards.


On another note....


pair of origami hexagonal pastel patterned paper earrings with gold findings
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  1. Your talent sings and makes me so happy. AND I get such inspiration from you.

    1. Thanks so much, Traci... that's very kind of you to say. And thank you for being a loyal follower!

  2. Lovely designs, lots of inspiration. The blue and white card with the scroll edges is very appealing!


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