Lovely On-Edge Paper Quilling by Sobana Ashok Kumar

Recently on Instagram I was introduced to the dramatic, on-edge paper art of Sobana Ashok Kumar and learned she has been following this blog for a decade - nice! Sobana is a self-taught quilling artist and a full-time IT Engineer in France whose love of crafting was passed down to her by her mother beginning at an early age.


Queen of Night white on-edge paper flower with green afoliage on black background in square, white frame on table

Enjoy a look at Sobana's quillwork and get to know her a bit. I especially love what she has to say about the essence of silence as it relates to creating:

"The journey commenced in 2012 when I stumbled upon a quilled greeting card online and was captivated by the intricate swirls and coils of colorful paper strips. Starting with crafting simple flowers, I became engrossed in exploring various colors, shapes, and the three-dimensional aspects of paper strips."


large white on-edge quilled paper flower with watercolor pink center and gilded leaves on black background

"Over the past decade I have dedicated my evenings to exploring greeting cards, embellishing photo frames, and crafting jewelry using paper quilling techniques. Inspired by the renowned paper artist Yulia Brodskaya, I found motivation in her methods and set out to create a quilled portrait of Buddha."


quilled paper art of Buddha with head tipped to side and eyes closed positioned alongside four lotus flowers

"During the challenging times of the Covid pandemic, I chose to dedicate more time to my passion, which proved to be a source of positivity. This dedication led me to complete the Buddha portrait successfully and encouraged me to create more figurative quilled and edge paper artworks."


on-edge quilled red torch ginger flower on white background in square, light color, wooden frame on table


"Sharing my creations with a colleague who encouraged me, I had the opportunity to exhibit my art at my workplace alongside two photographers."


on-edge quilled red poppies and quilled word Villepreux in green

"In the summer of 2023, I showcased my quilling at an art fair in my town of Villepreux in France, where one of my pieces was selected to be presented to the Mayor for a successful four-year tenure. Additionally, I participated in the Festival of India in France during the spring of the following year, exhibiting artworks with a fellow artist."


Vinayagar god quilled in shades of yellow, brown, and cream displayed in rectangular, light color frame

"I am grateful that my creative passion continues to drive me and bring joy to my existence. Through my artwork, I aim to convey to the world the essence of silence that envelops me during the creative process."


four panel quilled artwork of scrolled stems and leaves

"Mother Nature and my mother serve as my primary sources of inspiration. While I typically enjoy working with flowers, I am currently captivated by the realm of fungi and am in the process of creating a series centered around them."


six on-edge quilled orange and white mushrooms on branch

"Using paper from Canson or Clairefontaine, I meticulously cut the strips myself, mostly preferring a 10mm (.39 inch) width, but adjusting as needed. If necessary, I use Aquarelle watercolors as a background to enhance my pieces. Tools that I utilize include a Fiskars paper trimmer, curved tweezers, craft glue, and a slotted quilling pen/toothpicks or writing pens."


minimalistic all-white on-edge paper art fans in white rectangluar frame on table

"I pay close attention to detail, ensuring flawless finishing and a neat presentation. Embracing the possibility of mistakes, I understand that they can sometimes result in beautiful outcomes."


smiling young woman with dark hair wearing floral dress over red top and holding large on-edge quilled paper lilies and lilypads artwork

Sobana Ashok Kumar



"Currently, I am open to collaborations with fellow artists for exhibitions and commissioned works. I can be reached via Instagram where I am @dayapaperart."

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