Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Cardboard to Art

The United Kingdom's Jonathan Ro-Schofield is a paper sculptor. He doesn't work with just any paper though... no, Jonny Cardboard transforms the pedestrian brown corrugated variety into some pretty incredible objects. Appreciate the "carved" detail on this William Kent table, for example. Due to the wow factor of his work, he's acquired quite an extensive list of well-known names on his resume... displays for Tiffany and Co. and the Guggenheim Museum, as well as an exhibition at Sotheby's.

Elegant wedding cakes dressed windows at Tiffany's:We might think of cardboard as tough and unyielding, but Jonathan masters it on a very fine scale... in fact, as evidenced by this necklace and earring set created for Christie's, he even quills! photos:

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Stefani said...

Holy cow! That is amazing! Thanks for sharing, Ann.

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