Monday, June 19, 2017

6 Creative Quillers Who Are Bringing New Ideas to an Old Art Form

I love to stay current with the world of paper quilling. During a recent browse through Instagram these artists caught my attention, as much for their designs as their photography. Mind you, there are so many talented people who could be added to this post. To find your favorites, I highly recommend typing #quilling in the Instagram search bar (no need to sign up) to see the huge variety of work global quillers are posting.

Quilled Airplane - Quilled by Olia

I'll be showing two photos by each artist, and boy was it hard to limit myself to such a small number! First up (in no particular order) is Olga Yaroslavtseva of Moscow, Russia, who goes by Quilled by Olia on IG. Her artistic designs are precise, with each strip perfectly placed. Olga told me, "I do quilling a little over two years. I call my works emotional quilling because in most cases they cause a smile on the face of whoever looks at them."

Quilled Figure - Quilled by Olia

Mahkota Quilling in Indonesia (mahkota translates to crown in English) is as adept at creating playful, colorful designs as she is at doing on-edge lettering.

Quilled Dolphin - Mahkota Quilling

I can only image the number of hours it took to glue terima kasih (thank you) so perfectly... I'm pretty sure working on it would make my head spin.

Terima Kasish (Thank You) - Mahkota Quilling

Lots of thoughtful energy went into this lighthearted, sleepy owl as well. It was quilled by Iwona Wright of London, aka Moon Bloom on Instagram. How cute it would be in a child's bedroom.

Quilled Owl - Iwona Wright

You'll find beautiful mandalas and initials in her Moon Bloom Paper Art shop. I'm admiring the creativity she worked into this custom name piece, made for a young football fan's first communion that took place about the time of Euro 2016. It's remarkable that just a few tiny strips of paper indicate balls whizzing through the air... they truly lend a sense of motion.

Quilled and Cut Paper Name - Iwona Wright

Andrea Stevens from Queens New York, popularly known as Quill Queen on Instagram, has a thriving business creating customized portraits. The hairstyles are composed of quilling paper, as are the features.

Quilled Face by Quill Queen

Andrea told me she has a genuine love of all styles of quilling and enjoys working on her art while receiving dialysis treatments. Some of her portraits combine digital art with color-shaded quilling.

AfroPunk Quilled Figure - Quill Queen

The spareness of Meloney Celliers' artistic designs draws me to them... each coil serves a purpose. Known as Melly the Elephant on Instagram, she lives in South Devon, England and is currently on hiatus from quilling. Hopefully when she returns, her Etsy shop will be restocked, as her designs are very popular.

Quilled Horse - Meloney Celliers

Often Meloney builds an art piece around a simple line drawing, such as the sweet pea trellis below.

Quilled Allotment Garden - Meloney Celliers

Simply elegant describes the style of Shitateru Papercraft in Japan, a collaboration between @risato.malrikart and @chuchumachi on Instagram where they team up as Shitateru_Papercraft.

Quilled Star and Moon - Shitateru Papercraft

They describe their work as a new paper craft that fuses illustration and handwork.
 Quilled Lily of the Valley - Shitateru Papercraft

A subtle color blend was achieved by tearing strips of two colors and gluing them together to create this flawless lily of the valley.

Monday, June 12, 2017

Origami Fashion - Wearable Art by Papel (Paper)

If you're a longtime reader, you've probably noticed how much I enjoy featuring emerging artists. Today's introduction is to the youngest by far - Agustin is only seven years old! After mentioning in my recent newsletter that I was interested in showcasing wearable art on the blog, his mother, Caroline Candusso, wrote to tell me about her son's avid interest in origami, to the point that he now has a thriving small business.

Origami Fashion by Papel (Paper)

Monday, June 5, 2017

Customized, Whimsical Papercut Pet Portraits - Kathryn Willis Paper

Prepare to marvel at the tiny details paper artist Kathryn Willis includes in each personalized cut paper portrait she creates. Believe it or not, Kathryn is a designer similar to paper flower maker, Anh, who was featured last week, as she has only been working with paper for the past year - another natural born talent!

Paper Cut Pet Portrait by Kathryn Willis - Luna

Monday, May 29, 2017

Paper Gerbera Daisy Wedding Bouquet - DIY Tutorial

While visiting Craftgawker recently, my eye was drawn to a clever diamond ring made of paper. The link took me to DreamyPosy, a paper crafting site started by blogger and video content creator Anh in Vietnam. Not only are her photos gorgeous, but her videos are brief, detailed, and a joy to watch. Believe it or not, Anh is new to paper crafts... the quality of her work tells me she's a natural! "As I live in the East and don't know what Western people think or which seasonal crafts are suitable to make at this time, I make with my own inspiration."

I asked her to share a tutorial here as a way of introducing her website and YouTube channel.

Paper Gerbera Daisy Bouquet Tutorial

Monday, May 22, 2017

Bag It! The Art of the Shopping Bag at Lancaster Museum of Art

Because many of you attend paper exhibits around the world, I'm guessing you will enjoy hearing about a small, but interesting one that's underway at the Lancaster Museum of Art in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. The focus is shopping bags... yes, the ubiquitous parcel carriers (and walking advertisements) we all know and appreciate. Perhaps a few of the examples in these photos are etched into your childhood memories as they are in mine, or you can at least relate to the heady experience of toting a long-coveted item in a crisp shopping bag... packaging has a way of making a purchase seem even more special.

Bag It Museum Brochure

Monday, May 15, 2017

New Low Poly Models from Paperwolf

A previous post about Wolfram Kampffmeyer's Paperwolf Etsy shop in Stuttgart, Germany a few years ago is one of the most popular here on ATP with umpteen thousand views... paper crafters love building low poly models! Because Wolfram continually creates new sculptures and kits, let's catch up with his latest designs.

Paperwolf Penguins

Monday, May 8, 2017

Make Quick and Easy Rick Rack Note Cards

Last week was filled with final editing of my newest quilling book for Interweave that will be out in early September. And so I've been doing lots of thinking ahead, but also looking back. After the manuscript was turned in, it was time to do a much-needed organization of my paper craft supplies.... a fresh start, if you will, similar to that wonderful free feeling when exams wrap up at the end of the semester. In a box of finished projects, I came across this card I don't think I've posted before. It's a pretty quick one and just right for this time of year here in Delaware where birds are chirping and spring breezes are blowing.

Quilled Rick Rack Chicks on Laundry Day Card

Monday, May 1, 2017

Quilled Mother's Day Card Tutorial

Two weeks before Mother's Day, which means there probably aren't enough days remaining to make a quilt or whatever big project you've had in mind, but it's plenty of time to make a quilled card. Granted, it helps to have a pretty piece of lace on hand.

Quilled Mother's Day Card Tutorial

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