Thursday, February 22, 2018

40 Inspiring Examples of Paper Quilling

Here we go with a round up of the many - and I mean MANY - wonderful examples of paper quilling that have been shown on All Things Paper over the past nine years. Not all of them, however, because there's a staggering number of quilling posts. Does that mean I sway toward what I know and love? Definitely, and for that I make no apologies... hopefully we all have a chance to do what interests us!

Gospel - Paper Quillwork by Lisa Nilsson

Monday, February 19, 2018

Unique Paper Craft Kits for All Seasons

Paper craft kits are a great way to find a new hobby, develop a new skill, or simply save time gathering supplies. What's better than having the essentials at your fingertips, and not even needing to leave home to get them? For these very reasons, I've rounded up a batch of quality paper crafting kits that just might (at the risk of sounding overly dramatic) change your life in a very positive way!

Rabbit Paper Craft Model by Paperwolf

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

33 Favorite Origami and Paper Folding Examples

Here we go with a grand round up of origami and folded paper art/paper crafts that have been featured on All Things Paper since its inception. Some of these inspiring examples can be made thanks to tutorials provided by the makers, some can be purchased directly from the artists to be displayed or worn, while others simply are to be admired. Lots of pretty pics ahead!

Triangular Folded Paper Boxes
Candy Wooding shares the template to make triangular favor boxes

Monday, February 12, 2018

Modern Paper Jewelry by LC Studios - Giveaway

Congratulations to the giveaway winners, Handmade in Israel and @weeziebeets!

Ooh, are you ready for something to brighten up your mood/day/life? Lisa Cullen of LC Studios wrote to introduce her new line of handmade paper jewelry and I replied saying I'd never seen any quite like it. And I meant that in the best possible way... it's colorful, fresh, and funky. Her pieces have me thinking of juicy fruits waiting to be picked!

LC Studios Resin-Coated Paper Rings - Palette Collection

Wednesday, February 7, 2018

35 Stunning Paper Flower Examples as Featured on All Things Paper

I'm in a springtime frame of mind even though there's an icy rain pelting down outside... wishful thinking! To satisfy my longing for warmer weather, I've rounded up this list of just some of the many knock-your-socks-off paper flowers that have been posted here on All Things Paper since its inception. Click the link under each photo to read about each type of flower and to see more examples by its creator.

Let's start off with this crepe paper ranunculi arrangement by Susan Beech. It's the perfect bridge from winter to spring. You can make them too... just follow the link in the post.

Crepe Paper Flowers by A Petal Unfolds - includes link to tutorial

Monday, February 5, 2018

Paper Cut Map Portraits - Dan Landau

Portrait artist and paper cutter Dan Landau of Dan Landau Art in New Jersey is this week's featured artist. Dan creates really interesting pieces in which he draws a black ink likeness on a site-specific map and cuts the map precisely around portions of the image, resulting in a layered effect.

Fatherhood 1 The World is Yours
Fatherhood 1: The World is Yours

Wednesday, January 31, 2018

24 Altered Books, Folded Books, and Paper Sculptures Made from Books

Today's round up features an inspiring array of altered books, folded books, and paper sculptures made from book pages and text on paper. Click the links under the photos (not the photos themselves) to learn about the artists and to see more of their work.


Monday, January 29, 2018

Green Wedding Eco Designer - Paper Artist Alessandra Fabre Repetto

Not only does Alessandra Fabre Repetto of Eco Wedding Design create magical, eco-friendly wedding decor - paper flower bouquets, cake toppers, and tablescapes - but she is a talented designer of paper lighting and paper jewelry too.

Van Gogh-Inspired Wedding Bouquet by Alessandre Fabre Repetto

I'm happy to welcome Alessandre, a resident of Rome, Italy, to the blog today. I invited her to introduce her newest decorative paper art in her own words:

Wednesday, January 24, 2018

15 DIY Stylish Paper Jewelry Projects

Because I've been blogging at All Things Paper since 2009, there are many posts (nearly 1100!) that have become buried with time, yet still include tons of useful ideas and information for the paper art/paper craft buff. So here's the first in a series of posts I will be assembling to bring perhaps new-to-you, evergreen content to the light of day.

We'll start off with a clickable list of all of the free, step by step paper jewelry tutorials I've shared over the years. Click the link under each photo (not the photo itself) to see the full project.


Monday, January 22, 2018

Quilled Sunflower Suncatcher Tutorial with Quilling Supplies - Little Circles Giveaway

Congratulations to Kathy Johnson (blog) and @angelamia61 (Instagram)!
Thank you all for your entries and enthusiasm for this giveaway. Stay tuned as there will be another one coming up soon.  

Little Circles quilling supply shop owner Erin Curet is always coming up with terrific projects... her vivid quilled Sunflower Suncatcher is just one example. Erin recently got in touch to offer a giveaway to All Things Paper followers of the complete PDF tutorial and quilling supplies needed to make a suncatcher... paper strips, quilling tool, and needle tip applicator bottle filled with quilling glue to two U.S. winners. Shipping is included too! All of these items are available in the Little Circles online shop here and here if you would rather not take a chance on winning.

Little Circles Quilled Sunflower Suncatcher PDF Tutorial and Quilling Supplies Giveaway

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