Friday, February 12, 2010

Quilled Valentine Card Tutorial

Here's another idea for a valentine with just a touch of quilling. A friend in Dubai sent me a sheet of embossed metal butterfly stickers and I just had to incorporate one on a card right away. Even though it's not a typical valentine motif, it reminds me that warmer, less snowy days are coming! A heart sticker, or a quilled heart, would look pretty in the center instead.

Quilled Valentine Card Tutorialclick photo to enlarge

The quilling in each corner is made up of an oval tight coil, a V scroll, and an asl (alternate side loop) petal.

Directions to make each shape:
Oval tight coil - Roll a 2 inch tight coil and glue torn end before slipping coil off tool. Use tweezers to pinch it into an oval shape.

V scroll - Fold a 2 1/2 inch strip in half. Roll each cut end outward to make a V.

Petal - Begin by making a 3/8 inch fold at one end of a strip (or however tall you'd like your petal to be).

Quilled Valentine Card Tutorial
Continue using the same strip without cutting it and make a second fold, this loop will go to the left of the first one, but won't be as tall.

Quilled Valentine Card Tutorial
Make another loop, this one to the right of the first fold, and the same height as the opposite loop.

Quilled Valentine Card Tutorial
Make a second pair of loops, one on each side of the first pair, but shorter. Here's the first loop of the second pair... you'll need to make just one more loop on the right.

Quilled Valentine Card Tutorial
Encircle all of the loops with the continuous strip, creating a collar. Trim excess strip at the bottom and glue end.

Quilled Valentine Card Tutorial
Pinch top of collar to make a point/petal.

Quilled Valentine Card Tutorial
Tip: So that each petal is the same size, make the first fold on four separate strips. Hold them next to one another to check the heights.

Use tweezers to dip a shape in a shallow glue puddle that's been spread on a plastic lid or piece of waxed paper, then place it directly on the card.


Andrea said...

Thanks for commenting on my blog. I really enjoy paper crafts and bookmaking, although I'm a beginner. I'm going to try out the heart project from your tutorial.

Ann Martin said...

That's great, Andrea! Have fun with it.

Philippa said...

I really like the corner motifs. The ASL works so well with the scrolls.

Ann Martin said...

Thanks Philippa - I really like doing asl... prefer it over rolled coils actually.

nienocas said...

this butterfly is so's a very beautiful card. simplicity make nice things.

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