Friday, February 26, 2010

Zim and Zou

A Twitter link led me to the eye-catching work of Zim and Zou, a freelance graphic design duo located in Nancy, France.

Lobster for Dinner - autumn menu

I'm marvelling at the paper lobster's graceful, flowing scrolls and the elegant on-edge lettering of the restaurant name.

Dark Diamond - mmmm, truffles - January menu enticement

Thibault Zimmermann (Zim) is a digital artist, working in interactive media, illustration, photography, and web design. Lucie Thomas (Zou) is into handmade crafts, paper and other materials.

Christmas Star - menu

The pair met in art school and wisely decided to team up - the work of one compliments the other perfectly.

Coffee Dream

Quick, someone please make me a dinner reservation at Au Bon Gite!


Nati said...

beautiful and creative, a great artist! thank you for sharing!
Nati(from Brazil)

Pastila said...

WOW! Thanks!

Ann said...

WOW that lobster is awesome. Thanks for sharing I'm going to go check out the link

Miyyah said...

I'm practically drooling seeing the menu, and the amazing lobster that comes with it. It's easily the best menu one could get in any restaurant.

neli said...

OOOOO i really love your blog!!!!!

Anonymous said...

you do beautifull work on quilling love pictures

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