Zim and Zou

A Twitter link led me to the eye-catching work of Zim and Zou, a freelance graphic design duo located in Nancy, France.

Lobster for Dinner - autumn menu

I'm marvelling at the paper lobster's graceful, flowing scrolls and the elegant on-edge lettering of the restaurant name.

Dark Diamond - mmmm, truffles - January menu enticement

Thibault Zimmermann (Zim) is a digital artist, working in interactive media, illustration, photography, and web design. Lucie Thomas (Zou) is into handmade crafts, paper and other materials.

Christmas Star - menu

The pair met in art school and wisely decided to team up - the work of one compliments the other perfectly.

Coffee Dream

Quick, someone please make me a dinner reservation at Au Bon Gite!
Ann Martin
Ann Martin

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