Monday, February 28, 2011

Paper Jewelry Artist - Sabrina Meyns

Thanks to an intriguing Twitter link from artist, Kirsty Hall (@kirstymhall), I was led to the website of jewelry designer and paper maker, Sabrina Meyns.

Large Untitled Brooch
Handmade paper, dandelion seeds, silver, and steel

Based in Waterford, Ireland, Sabrina makes brooches and rings that can best be described as ethereal. She combines handmade paper with precious metals, inspired by the seeds and pods so prevalent in summer and autumn gardens.

Untitled Brooch (Disintegration series)
Handmade paper, seeds, silver, and steel

Sabrina utilizes translucent paper to convey the delicate nature of seed pods as they age, becoming sheer and fragile. Silver and gold represent the pricelessness of seeds.

Turquoise Ring
Handmade paper and silver

Each miniature sculpture captures the fleeting moment that exists in the life cycle of a plant, just before seeds are released to become next year's plants.

Untitled Small Pin
Handmade paper and silver

Sabrina is a 2008 graduate of Ireland's NCAD (The National College of Art and Design) with a first class degree in Craft Design.

Untitled Brooch (Disintegration series)
Handmade paper, seeds, oxidized silver, and steel

If you're lucky enough to be in Ireland next month, she will be exhibiting as part of the Irish Craft Portfolio in the National Craft Gallery in Kilkenny, selected as a representative of the best of Irish contemporary craft. In June, Sabrina will be showing a selection of brooches in an exhibition at the Rua Red Arts Centre in Dublin, Ireland.

Large Untitled Brooch
Handmade paper, seeds, silver, and steel

As a member of the International Association of Hand Papermakers and Paper Artists (IAPMA), her work will be included in a touring exhibition that marks the 25th anniversary of the organization. It starts in Ebrandthausen in Germany in May, and will travel to a number of locations in Germany and Poland. Later in the year Sabrina will be participating in an exhibition of contemporary Irish jewelry which will be touring Australia.
Visit Sabrina's website for details, as well as more information about her work.


SUGANTHI said...

So delicate! such a brilliant artist!

Maureen said...

Sabrina's work is lovely.

chillin with Quillin said...

so lovely and delicate!

Cards by Cheryl said...

Sabrina's work is amazing and unique. the new look of your blog.Very crisp and clean {just my style}

Ann Martin said...

Thanks Cheryl, I'm glad you like the new look. It's a work in progress, but I'm happy to have made the switch.

Agnieszka said...

What a beautiful, delicate work!

and i'm with Cheryl on the new look of your blog, love it!

Ann said...

She is quite talented. Beautiful pieces. Who would ever guess that they were made with hand made paper

Sandy D said...

I LOVE how clean and classy your blog looks. Great job on the makeover! The pics you chose to feature compliment it perfectly. Great job, as always ;)

Ann Martin said...

Aw thanks, ladies! Still tweaking a few things, but it feels good to have a fresh look.

Carole Meisenhelter said...

such exquisite art-jewellery pieces. Thanks for sharing on your blog a magnificent find Ann

TheBeasKnees said...

This is such unique work! Just lovely!

craftingcreatures said...

delicate and gossamer - thanks for sharing it. love your blog's new spruced up look!

Deepthi said...

Soooooo beautiful!!! thank you for sharing it with us!!!

Petrina Case Studio said...

Thanks for the unusual find.

Happy thoughts,

LM said...

I really love the new blog template, it goes so well with your style. Keep amazing us with your talent and findings. Blessings, LM

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