Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Evangeline Duplessis - Papier Mache Jewelry

If big and bold jewelry is your style, you just might love these papier mache necklaces and earrings, created by Evangeline Duplessis of Cape Town, South Africa. Her designs have been exhibited in galleries and featured in magazines.

Paper Maché Bead Necklace
Molding wet paper strips into something useful has long been a passion of Evangeline's. She made toys as a child, and the Christmas tree was never completely dressed without some of the family's own handmade papier mache decorations.

Paper Maché Earrings
As an adult, Evangeline became a transparency retouching artist (an art now done by computers) and it was while working in Zurich, Switzerland that she renewed her interest in papier mache and developed a passion for jewelry making.

Paper Maché Bead Necklace
Through research and experimentation, Evangeline refined her technique and began creating beads. She finds working on a small scale most satisfying, and jokes that retouching artists don't fade away... they paint beads!

Paper Maché Earrings
She incorporates precious and semi-precious stones, and silver and gold leaf in her rich designs... along with a bit of her quirky sense of humor. Take a look at this Ants in Your Pants necklace, all dressed up with gold leaf and faceted beads.

Paper Maché Bead Necklace
Each bead is carefully crafted by hand, then hand-painted or gilded, and finally sealed. Because the material is light, yet very strong, it lends itself to chunky pieces that are surprisingly comfortable to wear.

Paper Maché Bead NecklaceHibiscus on Gilded Wings

Visit Papier Mache Gallery or Evangeline's Facebook page to see more of her designs.


Anonymous said...

Oh, the joys of paper!! I love Evangeline's jewellery pieces, the colours and shapes are gorgeous. I love the Ants in your pants neckpiece!!
Thanks Ann for showcasing Evangeline's jewellery.

SUGANTHI said...

How beautiful and colourful. She says she recycles waste paper to make these wonderful paper jewels. Truly amazing.

Kathy said...

Just gorgeous.. love that they are made from paper.. thanks Ann.. always something wonderful to show us.. xx

chillin with Quillin said...

They are Awsome, thanks for sharing!!!!

angie said...

Evangeline's work is simply GORGEOUS!

Ann said...

I like to look at big bold jewelry but not wear it :) I Think her work is very cool.

Brook said...

absolutely amazing!

Lissa (Bellenza) said...

I always know I'll be wowed when I visit your blog! Evangeline's work is exquisite with that exotic touch. Thanks so much for featuring her!

Melissa said...

Oh my! I absolutely love that bottom green and gold bead in that necklace.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful...a proud new owner of one of Angeline's stunning grateful :)Dani Fritzsche

Ann Martin said...

Oh that's nice to hear, Dani!

Fashion Mentor Online said...

Evanglines creativity and intense attention to detail takes my breathe away. Thank you for sharing!

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