Monday, May 23, 2011

German Bell Paper Earrings

If you happen to be a fan of historical romance novels, perhaps the name, Anne Gracie, will ring a bell. Anne lives in Australia and has authored many popular titles... such as The Accidental Wedding, To Catch a Bride, and The Perfect Kiss for Berkley Books, which is located here in the U.S.

Anne and I became acquainted around Christmastime year before last when she tried her hand at German bell tree ornaments and kindly linked to my tutorial via her blog.

Somehow Anne finds time to create things even in the midst of book deadlines, and recently made more bells... this time they were far smaller and I have to say, even cuter than the originals. But what's especially cool about them is that she cut squares from her own paperback book covers to form little bell-shaped earrings to give away at a romance book convention - what great keepsakes for book lovers!


  1. What a clever way to promote her books!

  2. Really cute. And such a nice idea using her book covers!

  3. Those are lovely... great idea to use her books... thanks...


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