Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Paper Ink Press and Honey's Hive

Today I'd like to introduce you to Paper Ink Press and Honey's Hive, two new sponsors at All Things Paper this month. I hope you'll enjoy meeting each of the owners and seeing a sampling of their lovely wares.

Letterpress wedding invitation

Melissa Bilieu of Etsy's Paper Ink Press uses three antique printing presses at her home in Colorado to create stylish, yet classic stationery. Having had the pleasure of seeing her work up close and personal, I can tell you she uses the most delicious, thick paper and beautiful colors.

Letterpress birth announcement

Letterpress note card

Melissa's note cards, custom invitations, and birth announcements are pressed to perfection, and she also sells gift wrapping lovelies. Two items I especially like are a monthly letterpress subscription... she mails you or your gift recipient an assortment of letterpress items three or six times, and also offers grab bag assortments that I've ordered twice now and each was wonderful.

Letterpress grab bag

You might enjoy Melissa's blog, The Handwork Chronicles... she writes in an engaging way about the house that she and her husband have renovated from tip to stern, her baby, dog, garden, and chickens. Melissa offers giveaways too, so there's another reason to check it out!

Letterpress <span class=

The other new sponsor, Honey's Hive, is owned by Honey Moser of Malaysia who makes a variety of colorful quilled items. She experiments with imaginative shapes that lead to playful earrings and pendants. These earrings remind me of bubbles and her dolphins look so much like the real thing!

<span class=

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For those who don't enjoy folding roses but love the look, Honey has you covered. She'll make up a pretty batch in any color.

<span class=

Honey started quilling as a ten year old, cutting strips from colored paper with scissors. One of her very first projects was a flower pendant proving that some things in life truly come full circle. She grew up in Wisconsin, moved to Malaysia, married, and taught at an international school. Now that she's the stay-at-home mom of a three year old, Honey looks forward to evening hours when she can bring her creative ideas to life.

<span class=

If you enjoy quilling and marketing, you'll find her blog, Honey's Quilling to be a very helpful resource. You'll see her latest creations and there's even a giveaway going on at the moment. She's also on Facebook.

<span class=

Mention All Things Paper when placing an order at Paper Ink Press or Honey's Hive to receive a 15% discount.


Anonymous said...

Ann, I love your 2 new sponsor's Honey and Melissa's designs. I especially love the paper jewellery pieces.

SUGANTHI said...

Both the shops have such beautiful items. Always loved Honey's quilling and jewellery,I will now go there and enter in her giveaway.

Maureen said...

Those quilled earrings are such fun!

Love the letterpress. This is why I hope paper will never disappear.

Nati said...

I loved the earrings in quilling!

juditsd said...

Amazing talents! I love the jewelry - so much fun!

Baukje said...

I just love beautiful paper and a punch so beautiful!
Greetings Baukje

Blue Dot Paper Shop said...

Absolutely love Paper Ink Press's work! I went on to check their website, and I was impressed. If only all printers worked with that much attention to detail! There is always something about letterpress that exponentially adds to an invitation's elegance.

Ann said...

fabulous talent there.

Elena said...

Oh I always loved Honey's Hive quilling. She is brilliant. Her dolphins are so cute.

CraftyRichela said...

I love anything letterpress. So of course I love Paper Ink Press. I know how hard it is (took a class and got really dirty!) and am always amazed when I see how someone can do it so seamlessly. And I'm also drawn to the simple elegance of her designs. Really great work!

As for Honey Hive's jewelry, she had me when I read "quilled paper." It's just amazing how paper can be transformed that way.

Melissa said...

Thanks for the lovely post, Ann! (Internet has been mostly out, so I'm just now seeing this.) Honey Hive's things are gorgeous!!

Sathya said...

Wonderful quilling...

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