Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Paper Cut Quotes

Kashmira Jhaveri of Ant Design Gifts is a graphic designer who creates stylish paper cut wall art. She's able to make all sorts of magic with favorite phrases or quotes.

Paper Cut Design

I love the way Kashmira displays her work in floating frames that look fresh and modern. Perhaps best of all, the frames don't steal any thunder from the simply designed paper cuts.

Are you or your mom into Zumba? Mother's Day is coming up!

Paper Cut Design

I can't imagine new parents anywhere who wouldn't appreciate a sweet, personalized paper cut that announces their baby's name and birth date.

Paper Cut Design

I asked Kashmira how she makes her paper cuttings. "I create all of the designs on my beloved imac which is hooked up to my other beloved machine that cuts what I ask it to. I then finish the design by hand to clean up any imperfections."

Paper Cut Design

I was also curious about the name of her company and Etsy shop, Ant Design Gifts. Kashmira replied there was no special meaning really, but perhaps some practical logic behind it. She wanted the business to start with an 'A' so it would feature at the top of any alphabetic listing, and also liked the idea of a short, memorable word. The word ant came to mind because they are from nature, hard-working, and organized - traits that Kashmira admires.

Paper Cut Design

I really enjoy her blog where not only will you see the latest designs, but also be treated to excursions around London where she lives.

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Handmade in Israel said...

Love these so much! The baby announcements are gorgeous.
(I've been pinning away from your lovely site, no probs!)

Anonymous said...

Ann, I love Kasmira's floating paper cutouts...and all type of text is so much in vogue at the moment!!

Casey said...

These papercuts are lovely! And they look really great in those floating frames. Great idea.

Sylvia said...

I just love the papercuts and the floating frame. Simply gorgeous. Thanks for sharing, Ann.

lulu_ma said...

it's really amazing seeing all these art and crafts in your blog, so different in styles and characters and yet they share one common thing -they are made from PAPER!

SUGANTHI said...

Such amazing designs!!, The paper cuts do look magical , and the frames almost becomes a part of the wall.

Melissa said...

LOVE those!!!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for the wonderful idea and great instructions! :)

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