Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Paper Birds to Make

Licia Politis, a quilling pal of mine, has been on a paper bird kick lately. She showed me this little pair she made recently after coming across a tutorial on Under the Table and Dreaming.

Paper Birds

Licia adapted hers by using colored paper clips for the legs - so cute. We began looking around for more ideas... there's definitely no shortage out there in blogland!

Larissa Holland of mmmcrafts shows sweet birds and owls and provides a downloadable template so you can make these cards. They would be perfect as wall decor in a little one's room.


Carolyn of Carolyn's Homework made this realistically shaped bird from a few simple supplies. You won't believe the short list!


This chubby tweeter is from Maaike's blog, Hoppin' Up. It would be a good one to use for a mobile because of the dimension created by the wings and tail feathers.


Speaking of mobiles, Martha Stewart provides a template, instructions, and a video to make this graceful beauty:


I like the pleated wings that Rachel Good of Pointless Pretty Things devised for her flock of little birds.


And lastly, Joel Henriques of Made by Joel shows how to make a nifty mobile in this Etsy How-Tuesday video.


Our neighbor just filled a bird feeder that I can see from my desk and I love the distraction of watching the varieties it attracts. Now I need to learn what type of bird is making which tweet... I bet there's a website for that too!


Handmade in Israel said...

I can't wait to make some of these! Just gorgeous!

SUGANTHI said...

Licia's bird looks lovely. Larissa's birds are adorable, it is so nice of her to share the template.Thanks for all the other links too Ann.

Rachel said...

What a lovely little collection! Thanks so much for featuring me :) xxx

Carole M. said...

'birds' bought me here :)! Each example is beautiful in its own right

Ann said...

I love these. I love birds :) I want to make a whole flock of them

Carolyn said...

Thank you so much for featuring my paper birds. What a terrific surprise.

bp said...

Ann! These birds are so varied and all so charming! Thank you for sharing them with us!

Larissa said...

Hey, there! Thanks for featuring my Momma bird cards. And I DO love cards, but the name of my blog is actually mmmcrafts! :-) Love these other bird projects.

Ann Martin said...

Whoops! I'm sorry Larissa, all fixed now. Luckily the link was correct at least. :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks Ann for featuring my 2 paper birds..I love the other birdie links posted too.

Emily said...

I love love love anything to do with birds so thank you for this :-) Thought I'd share with you my tutorial for a felt bird garland on my blog:


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